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Some asylum seekers will be able to apply online starting this Monday for a work permit in the United States, reported the Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). The measure is “effective immediately,” USCIS says in a statement.

It will be applied, among others, to those who have submitted their asylum application 150 days ago and a response is pending and to those who benefit from “withholding of removal”, that is, if they are allowed to stay despite an expulsion order in against them out of well-founded fear that they are in danger in their countries.

All of them can file the so-called Form I-765 online for free after opening an account with USCIS.

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With this measure, the immigration services intend to expedite procedures “to reduce processing times.”

The Biden government wants to shorten the waiting period for administrative procedures as cases accumulate due to the wave of migration on its border with Mexico.

According to the Customs and Border Protection Office (CBP), in December the authorities made 251,487 interceptions at the southern border, that is, 7% more than in November. Of these, at least 14% were people who had already been intercepted at least once during the last 12 months.

The increase in crossings was due, adds the source, to the number of people “fleeing the authoritarian regimes in Cuba and Nicaragua,” with a total in December of more than 77,000.

However, the number of Venezuelans has been greatly reduced, from 33,804 in September to 8,130 in December.

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The immigration authorities of the United States also reminded migrants from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua and Venezuela on Monday that the plan came into effect on Sunday that allows them to be immediately deported to Mexico if they lack prior approval of a request for humanitarian permission to enter the country.

The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) reiterated that immigrants from these four countries must request prior authorization to travel to the United States, and those who enter the country undocumented will be expelled to the neighboring country “quickly” .

On January 5, President Joe Biden announced a plan to stop the large flow of immigrants across the country’s southern border, under which the country will accept some 30,000 asylum seekers a month from Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and Haiti, expanding thus a program through which it already granted humanitarian permits to Venezuelans.

Those who are deported to the neighboring country for crossing the southern border irregularly will not be able to access humanitarian permits, nor will those who arrive “illegally” in Panama and Mexico be able to request it, CBP reiterated in its messages via Twitter.

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