United States: vandalized the Washington Monument with an obscene message

The Washington Monument, one of the emblems of the capital of USA, was vandalized last night by a man who remained in the hands of authorities. The white obelisk that bears the name of the first president of the North American country was temporarily closed to the public while cleaning tasks focused on removing obscene messages written in red paint were carried out.

He was arrested for vandalism Shaun Ray Deaton, 44, a citizen of Bloomington, Indiana, according to the United States Park Police (USPP). “Alert: in the area around the base of the Washington Monument temporarily closed”, indicated authorities, who specified: “USPP has an adult male in custody for vandalism. The National Parks conservators will work on the restoration process.”

Last night, Deaton approached the famous monument and dumped a can of red paint with insulting messages on the base of the obelisk. “Has this screwed you up?” the man wrote, with an arrow pointing up, adding. “Government [de Estados Unidos] says: fuck you”.

The moment the Washington Monument was vandalized

The moment was captured by witnesses, who allow to see the man who – after throwing the paint can on the monument – wrote the messages in a hurry with a brush until he was arrested.

“Deaton was charged with trespassing, tampering and vandalism,” the USPP reported, adding: “This is an initial criminal charge and as the investigation continues, there may be additional charges.”

The work of National Park Service conservators began with the removal of the painting while the monument remained closed to the public. For their part, the police authorities extended a request to the public so that anyone with information about the incident communicates through various channels.

“The top layer of paint is peeling off and the pigment that seeped into the stone will be treated with many rounds of cleaning product application”informed today through the networks the unit of the National Mall of the National Park Service.

Towards the afternoon of today, the cleaning team managed to remove the phrases and the stains of red paint on the white stone. “Our team is good! Thanks to the monument preservation team for their excellent work”, authorities indicated in official channels.

The Washington Monument is a tall, white obelisk that is one of the most dramatic buildings on the Washington skyline and one of the most popular attractions on the National Mall.

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