University: Medicine, with 4,657 applicants, a cut-off mark of 13.3 and less than 150 places

Nursing adds almost 6,000 applications between Oviedo and Gijón, but only offers 164 places. Five grades remain above 13: Medicine, the double degree of Mathematics and Physics, Biotechnology, Dentistry and Mathematics

Medicine heads the ranking again and once again occupies the first place in the cut-off marks of the University of Oviedo: no less than 13,354 students have needed at least to access this degree. On this occasion, the double degree of Mathematics and Physics is in second position, with 13,350. They are very high grades, but the truth is that they have dropped slightly compared to last year if the first two award lists are compared, despite the fact that the increase in the number of passes in the EBAU and the average grades made us think that, for yet another year, cut-off grades would go up. In the first list of July 2021, the highest grade was marked by the double degree, with 13,510.

The position of Medicine is not surprising if one takes into account the very high demand it registers: no less than 4,657 students had applied for a place for this degree at the University of Oviedo. And there are only 147 available. The cut-off notes are based on the law of supply and demand, with which the higher the demand, the higher the required note. This occurs, once again, in all degrees in the area of ​​health. Nursing had registered 3,271 applications in Oviedo and another 2,700 for the attached center in Gijón, when the places offered are 96 and 68, respectively. Psychology has 115 vacancies and 1,716 requests. A similar situation in Dentistry, with 1,666 demanding students and only 22 places. And in Physiotherapy, more of the same: 1,616 applications for 56 positions. There are thousands, therefore, the students that one more course will be left out of these studies.

A circumstance that influences, and this is highlighted by all the experts, in the dropout rates of the first year at the University, since many of these students choose to enroll in degrees that were not the desired ones.

The case of Medicine is especially striking. The number of applicants has increased by 63.7% in just two years. In 2019, 2,844 people applied for a place and last year, 3,986. This year, what has been said, the figure has increased to 4,657, according to the website of the University of Oviedo.

Above 13

Be that as it may, and in the specific situation of the cut-off marks, it is to be expected that these will go down in the successive lists, although the most popular races continue to be above 13 or very close to this score. Right now there are five grades that require that very high grade. In addition to Medicine and Mathematics and Physics (in their two options), also Biotechnology (13,137), Dentistry (13,126) and Mathematics (13,022). Between 12 and 13 are Biology, Data Science and Engineering, Nursing, Physics, Physiotherapy and Psychology.

At the opposite extreme, a good number of degrees that only require a grade of 5, from Accounting and Finance to English Studies, passing through engineering such as Industrial Technologies or Civil Engineering.

As for Geomatic Engineering, whose disappearance has been raised, it has obtained 46 applications for its 25 places.

Admitted students must formalize the registration until next July 27. Whoever does not do so will leave a free place, with which the list of awards will run. At the same time, the claims period is open, between the 18th and the 27th. On August 2, the second list of admitted candidates will be published and on the 25th, the third allocation of places. The University of Oviedo offers a total of 6,638 new places for the next course in its 118 undergraduate and master’s degrees.

Enrollment forecasts are very good because pre-registrations have increased considerably compared to last year, by approximately one thousand, with a high percentage of students from outside the region. Now we have to wait for the registrations to materialize.

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