University of Sports ruled on the possible return of Alex Valera

The administrator of Universitario de Deportes, Jean Ferrari, explained the situation of Alex Valera in Al Fateh. In interview with PTR He pointed out that the 26-year-old Peruvian striker was “badly advised” when he left the cream team for the Saudi Arabian club and that the results are now being seen.

Then, Ferrari He pointed out that Universitario has almost completed its squad for the 2023 season and that in the next few days the incorporation of two new players will close. Of course, none of them is Valera.

“We don’t know if alex valera Will you be free or not? I don’t have that information. We have talked about two more possible additions to the squad but they are not about him,” he said in the Football as a Field program.

“Footballers have to get better advice. Valera’s case, if he is being released, was very poorly advised,” he added.

Universitario currently has three center forwards on its squad, Emanuel Herrera, Bruno Sepúlveda and Alexander Succar.

Valera in University

Alex Valera arrived at Al Fateh at the beginning of August after disassociating himself from Universitario de Deportes, which, in principle, was opposed to the departure of the striker from the Peruvian National Team.

The Peruvian ‘9’ had a good start to the 2022 season and scored 12 goals, placing Universitario in an expectant position in the Betsson 1 League.


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