Unknown signs that you may be suffering from depression

Poor sleep can be a sign of depression.Getty.

  • Depression doesn’t just have a sad face; There is also smiling depression, in which the affected person does not show signs of remorse in his habits or his daily behavior.

  • Other symptoms of depression not associated with it: for example, eating disorders, poor memory or lack of concentration

  • As psychiatrist Daniel Amen explains in his network, we must differentiate the depressed person’s inability to concentrate from that of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

feel the sadness or may experience less interest in life sometimes normal, especially if it coincides with phases of change, uncertainty, or adversity. The most common thing is that our own emotional resources And with the passage of time we recover from ‘down’ moments.

However, when this discomfort that makes us feel sad occurs continuously and for no apparent reason, we may become depressed. limit of Depression. Among the most common symptoms, this is exactly the feeling the sadness And, most obviously, suicidal thoughts, In that case, it is imperative to seek professional help.

Depression, an emotional disorder that affects millions of people around the world

smiling depression

But this isn’t the only obviously sad face of depression. Actually, there is smiling depression, In which the affected person does not show signs of remorse in his habits or daily behavior. His desire to be accepted by his environment creates a false state of happiness don’t really enjoy,

These patients hide their feelings of pain In the public sector, and sometimes even in the private sector, but they feel detached from life. The feeling of inner sadness grows exponentially every day. They also need professional help to be able to get out of the situation, the sooner the better. despair loop,

How to deal with post-holiday depression after the end of August?

Depression went unnoticed

Depression may occur in recent times express yourself in other ways, in addition to those already mentioned. The symptoms do not seem to be related to depression at all, but are, on many occasions, related to age or life circumstances.

is one of the experts who knows the most about this undiagnosed depression American psychiatrist Daniel Gregory Amen, In this Instagram reel, @doc_amen Indicates less clear signal That you may be suffering from depression.

First sign: memory problems

If you suddenly forget things, like an appointment or something that was important, it doesn’t mean the years are forgotten. your memory loss, Or maybe yes. But if combined with low mood And having less interest in things you used to like or have an interest in can be a sign of depression.

loss of appetite

not wanting to eat, eat less And losing weight, even when there is no medical reason or trying to lose weight, is another sign that there is an emotional disorder. Loss of appetite may also accompany this other seasonal disordersSuch as spring or winter asthenia.

excessive hunger

eat all the time take away What’s in the refrigerator is another overlooked sign pointing to depression. enjoy the serotonin Those that serve certain foods, especially Carbohydrates and Sugars, turns food (not always healthy) into a refuge for those who feel unhappy. Any excessive hunger that does not respond to any logical reason is a sign of emotional disorders,

insomnia and other sleep problems

have a good rest Necessary For mental health. In fact, poor sleep quality is linked to some types of cognitive impairment. Depressed people often wake up at night Negative thoughts In the head. This type of thinking prevents them from returning to sleep and often results in bad rest, there is one bad circle: We sleep badly because we do not feel well, and we do not feel well because we sleep badly.

concentration problems

Take got distracted, overly excited or, conversely, atonic, may be another sign of depression. concentration problems, with intrusive thoughts Those that prevent us from completing tasks are typical symptoms of some depressive states.

As Dr. Amen explains in his network, it is advisable to isolate the inability to concentrate attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity (ADHD). In the first case, lack of attention is usually associated other symptoms, such as poor sleep, and disappear when mood improves. When it comes to ADHD, inability to concentrate One task is given throughout the day.

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