Unpublished PHOTO of Shakira comes to light when she entered the “Cine of Files”; she like that she looked like a vedette

Shakira She is considered one of the music singers in Spanish most famous worldwide, this is mainly due to the fact that the artist from Barranquilla, Colombia, stands out in various fields on and off stage, for which she has become an icon of popular culture.

It is no secret to anyone that the colombian has achieved fame internationalnot only with songs in Spanish, but also with her hits in English, because let’s remember that the success of the singer is such that it has led her to make collaborations with great artists global size.

Shakira involved in a recent controversy

Shakira is also one of the singers most beloved and is in constant closeness with his fans after exposing the enormous charisma that he transmits through social networks, where he has shown very close to his followers and cordial With everyone.

However, recently a woman identified as Cristina Cárdenas, revealed that she worked with the interpreter of ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ and assured that by being on her team, colombian the employees can’t look her in the eye, even Cristina revealed that she had to turn around when she passed by, in addition to not being able to take any Photography and much less could he direct the word.

The time that Shakira ventured as a star

Despite these harsh criticisms, the truth is that the singer of “Las de la intuición” has not spoken about it, but the fans have expressed their support for Shakira, as they have assured that the colombian She is one of the best singers in the history of Spanish-speaking music.

In this regard, it is worth remembering that Shakira is famous not only because of her incomparable voice, but also because of her outstanding beauty and sympathy.

And it is precisely this beauty that nineteen ninety five It was evidenced the time that Shakira did a photo session where she was seen as a whole showgirland despite the fact that she did not participate in any file film, the truth is that her outfit reflected that she had everything to be a famous star of the time, so now Shakira’s photo was spread through a page in honor of the actresses of the Film of Files.



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