Unpublished photos of the youth of Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas, which caused a furor in the network

Salma Hayek And Antonio BanderasThe two iconic film talents have shared the screen on several occasions, creating unique chemistry and memorable joint performances. Their most outstanding collaboration was in the film “Desperado” (1995), directed by Robert Rodriguez. In this action movie and modern western, Salma Whereas, played the role of Carolina, a mariachi singer Antoine resurrected the vengeful vigilante known as El Mariachi. The combination of action, passion and romance between its characters contributed to the film’s success.

Another joint project was “Errez una Vez en México” (2003), the third installment of Rodríguez’s El Mariachi trilogy. Salma reprized her role as Carolina, and Antoine He continued to play mariachi. The film reunited the couple in a plot full of intrigue and action.

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