Up to 12 thousand dollars costs a doctorate in Medicine for foreigners in Cuba

The Doctorates in Medicine and Stomatology in Cuba they cost up to 12,000 dollars for foreignersaccording to official sources.

The Marketer of Cuban Medical Services (CSMC) published the study offers of a medical specialty in the country, through its official page, where three other doctorates are also promoted: Nursing Sciences, Health Sciences and Medical Education Sciences.

“We offer you the experience of more than 290 years of medical education at the service of the world” “The articulation of theory with practice distinguishes us”, are some of the slogans with which the state-owned company promotes offers of medical services on its Facebook profile. postgraduate.

Capture of Facebook / Marketer of Cuban Medical Services, SA

The total cost of the specialties, as stated on the CSMC website, includes the payment of tuition, once it was accepted by the Academic Committee; mastery exams of the contents of social problems of science and technology and foreign language; pre-defense, defense, tutoring and advice.

Within the breakdown, the highest price is for the tutoring and counseling service ($4,000). The total amount, indicated the CSMC, must be paid in two payments, one in the first 30 days, after enrollment in the program, and another before the pre-defense.

Although the price of the other “academic and teaching services” has not yet been specified – apparently the page is being updated – 28 bachelor’s degrees, 33 master’s degrees, two specialties and opportunities for professional improvement are promoted in eight Cuban universities of Medical Sciences.

Screenshot / Marketer of Cuban Medical Services (CSMC)

According to the official source, postgraduate students – who must add the cost of their stay in the country to the payment of their studies – must deposit the money by bank transfers or payment gateways and for this they can use VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, AMERICAN EXPRESS, among others, and only in the currencies indicated by them: euros, pounds sterling or Canadian dollars.

In the midst of one of the biggest crises that the health system has faced in Cuba, the government commercializes the educational offer in the area of ​​Medical Sciences and continues to earn money from the export of Cuban doctors, although this income is not reflected in the Cuban health services.

As reported recently, the government of Mexico pays the Havana regime more than a million dollars per month for the hiring of 610 Cuban doctors, by an agreement signed between the IMSS (Mexican Institute of Social Security) and the so-called Cuban Medical Services Trader, SA

The CSMC It is in charge of marketing medical tourism, quality of life and well-being, academic and health services outside of Cuba.

In a scenario of scarcity in health institutions for the population, the hospitals of the CSMC company are “equipped with the most modern technology and where innovative techniques are applied for a rapid and effective diagnosis in more than 150 therapeutic procedures,” according to publicity. the place.

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