Up to 3 years of waiting

Paola Oblitas.

Paola Oblitas’ odyssey began in October 2019, when she came to live in Spain from her native Bolivia with the intention of applying to the MIR. “When I arrived I anticipated that in the best case I would take the exam in 2021Although it would probably take two years. However, I never thought of three or now four years, “explains the young woman who has been waiting since then for the homologation of her title.

At the time, it sent the homologation request through an academy because it was an entity that had more experience with this kind of procedure. In the first moment, He was not surprised that the 6-month deadline to respond to the request was extended due to Covid-19. However, this period tripled what was expected and after 18 months, in June 2021, he finally got an answer.

“They told me that I was missing the payment rate, although I don’t understand what happened, because I had done it. The academy sent it to them immediately and three weeks later it seemed that the problem had been solved,” says Oblitas. In spite of everything, he realized that it appeared registered as that the income had been made in 2021, that is, that the request started again.

Few answers about the homologation by the Ministry

From that moment began an exchange of complaints by Paola and other colleagues in the same situation and standardized answers from the Ministry, where they apologized for all the delay caused by the pandemic, but without a specific response.

For months, the young medical student even went to Madrid on several occasions to try to speak in person with someone who could explain the situation to her, although without success. “If they had explained to me why my process returned to zero, I would have understood.I would have gone home and waited another two years. But yes, working”, clarifies Oblitas.

“We are in Spain pulling the money that our parents send us from Latin America. We can’t work because we only have a study visa and we don’t know how long we can hold this“, details the young woman, encompassing the situation of many other acquaintances. In the end, she decided to return to Bolivia and send one last email to the Ministry.

Reporting application deficiencies one by one lengthens the process

This message did pay off and got the bug fixed. But his journey did not end there, since received another notice informing you that your truth statement was missing. Although Paola delivered it shortly after, she is still waiting for a response, which she estimates will take until December at the earliest.

Why don’t they notify everything at the same time instead of making me lose another year? Each time they review the file, more than 6 months pass. It is not fair that they do not comply with the periods but they demand that we deliver everything on time, “she laments.

Finally, he shares the stories of several acquaintances who had to turn and others who have achieved homologation, but many of them work in places quite far from the main cities. “These are places that are running out of people, they are becoming overloaded with work and any of us would be happy to fill those positions as long as the homologation process continues”, concludes Oblitas.

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