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It is the great highlight of the streaming platform of A3Media. The sequel to UPA Dance, the series that marked several generations, already has a release date. After offering a first advance last Christmas, the big moment arrives: UPA Next the next one opens May 7th.

As we already told you, this new production will take us back to Carmen Arranz’s school. The preview became one of the most viewed content around this idea. Now it’s her turn Beatriz Luengo, Miguel Ángel Muñoz, Mónica Cruz, Quique González, Mónica Mara, Marta Guerras, Marc Betriu, Claudia Lachispa, Almudena Salort, Marc Soler, Karina Soro, Alex Medina and Nuno Galle.

In the first trailer that can already be seen and that has served as confirmation of the release date, we can take a look at what the series looks like, the plot line, the careful aesthetic that has been sought in this continuation and some of the new and also historical protagonists to take the lead at Upa Next.

In addition, the series will also have the special participation of Lola Herrera as the legendary director Carmen Arranz. In addition to a selection from this cast, very special guests such as Cristinini, Carolina Iglesias or Andrea Compton will also participate.

“UPA Next, made up of 8 episodes, is an original production by Atresmedia Televisión in collaboration with Globomedia (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) and has Montse García, Laura Fdez. Espeso, Javier Pons and Lucas Gil as executive producers. The series is directed by Lucas Gil and Sandra Gallego. Luis San Narciso has been in charge of the artistic direction and casting of the series. For his part, Emilio Díez acts as co-executive producer and leads the scriptwriting team made up of Abraham Sastre, Álvaro Bermúdez de Castro, Javier Galán and Raquel Haro” they explain in a press release.

“In ‘UPA Next’, music and dance are absolute protagonists in each episode. The person in charge of the choreography will be the dancer and choreographer Toni Espinosa, and the audiovisual collective Manson, responsible for video clips, will be in charge of the musical numbers. of artists and groups such as Rosalía, C. Tangana, Katy Perry, Raw Alejandro, J. Balvin or Prodigy” can be read in the statement.

UPA Next Synopsis

More than 15 years have passed and Rober returns from the United States with the idea of ​​putting together a great musical and collecting the old UPA hits along with new ones, to shine like years ago. Together with Silvia and Lola, they will launch the entrance exams for the school, where a new pool of students, dancers, singers and composers will participate, who can intervene in the musical and bring new rhythms to the center. The teaching team will be joined by Luiso and Sira, who will face a new generation of young people, with whom they will collide and delve into new cultures and current styles.

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