Update Hermione’s voice at Wizarding World theme park Hogwarts Express and more

This month you’ve seen updates to attractions at both Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood. After a successful horror season, both parks are busy upgrading the fan experience for the Christmas celebration.

Universal Orlando Resort is focusing on movie accuracy. Starting on November 3, a new voice for Hermione could be heard on the Hogwarts Express. The new voice more accurately matches Emma Watson’s voice than the deeper voice that could be heard before. Rupert Grint was the only one of the films’ golden trio to return to the Wizarding World to record elements for the park’s Diagon Alley expansion, and while Harry’s voice in the ride was done quite well, fans disliked the obvious inaccuracies. Did Hermione’s Charm version.

It is unclear how this voice was created, but the park may have used new AI technology that was not available when the ride opened, or hired an entirely new voice actress. The new voice is definitely a better match. Check it out below!

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Universal Studios Hollywood is also adding upgrades, though these require much more disruption to the park than the updates in Orlando. The extended queue area of ​​the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey attraction was closed earlier this month so that a new rental locker room could be built at the park and to resolve current obstruction issues.

Universal Orlando had already taken this step in 2020, converting the old locker space into an expansion of Filch’s Confiscated Goods Emporium and giving fans a secure, more secure area to store their belongings in a separate area of ​​the ride. Gave huge space. It’s not yet clear what the old locker room in Hollywood will be converted into, but given the expanded retail space in Orlando, it seems likely Hollywood will do the same.

The walls around Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey for construction work.The walls around Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey for construction work.

Source: Inside Universal

Which of these updates are you most excited about, or are you still waiting for an update to your favorite attraction? Let us know in the comments below.

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