UPO and SAMU come together to increase social welfare through innovation

Drafting. The Emergency Medical Assistance Service (SAMU) and the Pablo de Olavide University (UPO) have presented the SAMU Chair of Social Innovation during a conference held on campus. The vice-rector for Institutional Relations and Foundations of the University, Laura López de la Cruz; the president-director general of SAMU, Carlos González de Escalada; and the director of the Chair and professor at the UPO, José Luis Sarasola; have presented the objectives of a cooperation project that “aspires” to improve the social welfare of the most vulnerable people through social innovation.

“Innovating is changing, doing things differently, seeking new solutions to social problems by working with other entities and companies,” commented José Luis Sarasola during the presentation of the Chair he directs. For this, “what better partner than SAMU, which not only works in the field of health, but also with residences, with childhood problems, with families, in education and psychological care, as well as research and development”.

González de Escalada has highlighted the importance of uniting the work carried out in the academy with that of health and social welfare entities. “Our specialty is caring for people who need it most”, he pointed out, highlighting the academic knowledge and capacity of an entity that has 90 offices and 3,000 professionals and has become a multinational health and of social action, extending its activity to countries such as Morocco and the United States.

To end the inauguration of the conference, Laura López de la Cruz highlighted the importance of the chairs as an instrument to create knowledge, investigate and apply the results, emphasizing the need to also investigate in the social sphere «so that we all feel included in a society that advances at forced marches». “We thank SAMU for its participation in the chair because we know that together we add up”, she concluded.

After the presentation, a conference has begun that has had David Pino Merlo, General Director of Social Innovation of the Seville City Council, as a guest speaker. ‘How to innovate through democracy: social innovation and sustainable local development’ was the title of a conference in which he stated that social innovation is the search for a novel solution to a social problem that adds value to the community, pointing out that “technology must be a tool at your service”.

They continued with the round table ‘Present and future of the Social Innovation Chair’, moderated by Juana Macías, director of the SAMU Scientific Institute and Academy. During it, the book ‘Migrations: new geopolitical, economic and social challenges’ and the Master’s Degree in Socio-sanitary Emergencies, a title of the Pablo de Olavide University that is taught for the first time this year, were presented.

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