Upo: the European Master in Disaster Medicine is underway

32 students of 25 different nationalities and a ‘maxi’ emergency drill

NOVARA – The twentieth edition of theEuropean Master in Disaster Medicine (Emdm), organized by Crimedim (Center for Research and Training in Disaster Medicine, Humanitarian Assistance and Global Health) of theUniversity of Eastern Piedmont in collaboration with the ReGEDiM research center of Vrije Universiteit of Brussels.

The special guest entrusted with the inaugural lecture is Professor Gregory CiottoneDirector of the Disaster Medicine Division al Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Harvardwhich together with the Rector of UPO Gian Carlo Avanzi and the director of Crimedim, Professor Francesco Della Corte, signed a Memorandum of Understanding that formalizes the link between the University of Eastern Piedmont and Harvard Medical School in the field of teaching and research of excellence in the field of disaster medicine.

Over the past twenty years, the Master has become a national and international academic reference point for research, virtual and practical training and emergency management in the field of disaster medicine. The lessons will involve 32 ‘masterists’ coming from 25 different countrieswho will be able to count on the EMDM faculty made up of academic experts and professionals in the emergency management sector.

The real test will then be theremaxi-emergency exercise in full scale (which returns after two years), on the afternoon of Wednesday 25 May in Bellinzago Novarese, there will be over 500 people involved under the organizational leadership of Crimedim, including the Red Cross committees and the territorial coordination of protection volunteers civilian of the province of Novara, students of the School of Medicine, doctors and nurses, staff of the Simnova Upo center of simulation and teaching for the health professions. Furthermore, as per tradition, the support of the 3rd ‘Milan’ Health Department and the Transit Area Management Regiment of the Italian Army will be provided, which will set up a fully functional field hospital.

The exercise in numbers

  • 150 extras (students of the Degree Course in Medicine and Surgery and Nursing trained in the role of victims)
  • 100 military personnel employed in various capacities in setting up, maintaining and removing the structure
  • 20 makeup artists
  • 32 students from 25 countries from all over the world of the European Master in Disaster Medicine
  • 4 Participating Institutions: Crimedim, Simnova, Transit Areas Management Regiment-RSOM, 3rd Department of Health ‘Milan’
  • 50 Crimedim Staff Members
  • 100 volunteers engaged in rescue
  • 25 emergency vehicles
  • 1 Roll 2 field hospital of the Italian Army
  • 2 mobile command posts
  • 3 radio links
  • 1 operations room
  • 2 real ambulances in support of the exercise activity
  • 6 months of preparation
  • 1 drone
  • 150 individuals and vehicles monitored via Gps during the exercise

Participants in the Master

  • Alesi Andrea (Italy)
  • Badawy Mohammed Mahmoud (Egypt)
  • Bin Nafisah Sharafaldeen (Saudi Arabia)
  • Caldicott David (Australia)
  • Castellano Maria Cristina (Italy)
  • Dickason Robert Myles (Use)
  • Ebenezer Nisbet Samuel (India)
  • Friberg Fredrik Femtehjell (Norway)
  • Heger Bob (Luxembourg)
  • Hounkpevi Sedekounou Frejus Carlos (Benin)
  • Hsiao Kai-Hsun (New Zeland)
  • Hupf Julian Johannes Magnus (Germany)
  • Karbo Barbara Ayesha Anawana (Ghana)
  • Kinnunen Anita Kristiina (Finland)
  • Lefkowitz Brett (Great Britain)
  • Markou-Pappas Nikolaos (Greece)
  • Monthan Jani (Sweden)
  • Pek Jen Heng (Singapore)
  • Robinson Yohan (Sweden)
  • Saade Elias (Lebanon)
  • Sarwar SM Golam (Bangladesh)
  • Siddiqui Ahsan Ali (Pakistan)
  • Simakoloyi Mukamweele (Natalie Zambia)
  • Spindola Hernandez Lily Stephany (Mexico)
  • Strand Tonje Solli (Norway)
  • Sunil Nilu (India)
  • Tajbakhsh Roxanne (Great Britain)
  • Trainito Alessandro (Italy)
  • Trebini Gilda Vittoria (Italy)
  • Uren Hailie (Australia)
  • Wacker Catharina Patricia Verena (Germans)
  • Zammit Rebecca (Malta)

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