Uriel Antuna and a new ‘Luis Romo case’

Both footballers asked to go to Europe but their wishes were cut short by insufficient offers that did not conform to what La Máquina was asking for.

Antuna openly complained about his fallen signing
© Image 7Antuna openly complained about his fallen signing

Uriel Antuna was the last Cruz Azul player who saw his dream of playing soccer in Europe frustrated. The striker had no qualms about expressing his feelings through social networks in a message that many interpreted as a hint to the cementers and their high claims to let him go.

According to everything that was reported during the negotiations between the Celestials and Panathinaikos, the Hellenics did not offer the value that La Máquina gave to the striker, so the conversations between the clubs ended up withering. This Antuna case is reminiscent of what happened several tournaments ago with Luis Romo.

After being a pillar for obtaining La Novena, the midfielder did not hide his desire to try his luck in Europe; However, the offers that came from Spain were considered insufficient and the Mexican international ended up resentful of the cement leaders.

After weeks of negotiations, Romo ended up going to Rayados de Monterrey, who did reach the price Cruz Azul was asking for. Now, and with a “scorned” Uriel Antuna, there are many who comment that the footballer could also pack his bags… but towards the ranks of another club from Monterrey.

Blue Cross vs. Monterrey: when and at what time do you play in Liga MX?

Cruz Azul and Rayados de Monterrey will face each other next Saturday, January 14, as part of matchday 2 of the Clausura 2023 Liga MX. This commitment is scheduled for 17:00 (local time).

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