Uriel Antuna has an offer from Panathinaikos

The Greek team wants the Cruz Azul attacker yes or yes and they are already negotiating for his services.

Uriel Antuna before him the opportunity to fulfill his dream of playing in Europe and his only apparent obstacle is Blue Cross.

ESPN Digital can ensure that the Mexican attacker has a proposal from the team on the table Panathinaikos of the Greek League to enroll in the current season. From Greece we can certify that the team even offered a significant amount for the Blue Cross that in the event of a repurchase he would have a percentage of the sale for an amount that they assure this site is between 4 and 6 million dollars.

The European cadre, it is known in these lands, has already put the formal and official offer on the table of the Blue Cross and it will be the cement makers who determine if antuna He is traded or not to Greek football where Orbelín Pineda currently plays for the AEK club in Athens.

Even some media have asked me for references to know the performance of Uriel Antunawho was crowned last weekend in Mexico, in the Cup for Mexico, where Blue Cross beat Guadalajara 2-0 at the Chivas Stadium.

The next few hours will be key for the future of Uriel. It will be seen if it is true that the Mexican teams let Mexican players go so that they can grow in Europe at affordable costs and not far from the amounts that are allowed to be requested as if they were the great football stars, when on the world stage they should be quoted in more sensible and real prices for an overly inflated market.

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