Ursula Corbero stars in a captivating true crime miniseries coming to Netflix

No fire burns on its own and the flames continue to flare up rapidly. Ursula Corbero and Quim Gutierrez play Rosa and Albert in “The Body on Fire”, a story inspired by real events. (Netflix)

In Barcelona who still remembers the shocking case of 2017, Netflix Presents a true story of love, jealousy and crime to its customers with its new series body burning (burning body), with a stellar performance Ursula Corbero ,the money heist) And quim gutierrez ,mother’s love), the fiction, available in the platform’s catalogue, promises to uncover a tragic plot that once shook the society of a Catalan city.

The title revives one of the most infamous cases of that time, which started with a love triangle that ended in a crime that shocked the city. The protagonists of this play, Corbero and Gutiérrez, represent people involved in what is known as urban guard crimeThe discussion has once again started about this case which still resonates in the judicial corridors.

Ursula Corbero and Quim Gutiérrez recreate the palpable tension of the real case on which the series is based. (Credit: Netflix)

The main incident centers on the discovery of a burnt body in a vehicle near the Foix Reservoir. The suspects, other members of the city police, were involved in a conspiracy fraught with tension and personal rivalry. The trial, which took place at the height of the pandemic and was watched closely across the country, ended with a sentence that caps the turbulent story. But the case resurfaced when one of those involved requested a judicial review of the launch of the series, seeking to preserve his honor and reputation.

Based on a heart-wrenching true story, the drama explores the complex maze of human relationships and the administration of justice in Spain. Rosa Peral and Albert López, both Urban Guard agents and central players in this gruesome case, were prosecuted in a trial that captured the nation’s attention. Conflicting allegations and unexpected turns marked the trial, giving rise to various theories about what really happened that fateful night.

A new challenge for Ursula Corbero: from international crime drama to a Barcelona labyrinth with very well-kept secrets. (Credit: Netflix)

this case goes pear rose This time he will fight a new judicial battle to save his image against the presentation of events on television. However, the court rejected the request, setting a precedent on the boundary of imagination and reality.

The actress who brought Tokyo to life in Spanish fiction, one of the most watched series on Netflix in Spanish, has a promising future. He took the first steps in production physics or chemistry Due to which many young talents emerged. But without a doubt, since his excellent performance the money heistCorbero’s career has followed a remarkable upward trajectory. In 2018, Corbero expanded his film repertoire with leading roles in productions not only blood treeBut his English-speaking debut also came with a recurring role on the British-American series snatch, In 2021, Corbero demonstrated his acting versatility with a role in the superhero film Snake-eyesSharing the screen with famous actors like Samara Weaving and Henry Golding.

With “The Body on Fire” memories were refreshed in Barcelona’s high society. (Credit: Netflix)

They continued their rise by joining the cast of the Netflix action film RaiseIt is scheduled to premiere in January 2024, where he will share credits with major industry figures such as Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Kevin Hart.

with body burningThis is not only expected to reveal the secrets related to the case that has rocked Barcelona, ​​but it is also expected to further strengthen Barcelona’s position. Ursula Corbero As one of the most prominent current figures in Spanish and international cinematography.

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