Uruguay jumps into the ‘pool’ with Maria Becerra

Montevideo, November 19 (EFE).- Uruguay entered the ‘pool’ this Sunday with the music of singer-songwriter María Becerra, who got her fans dancing in a colorful show that lasted almost two hours.

“My first show was here,” said ‘La Nena de Argentina’ in one of the many conversations she had with the public that came to the Montevideo Velodrome.

Before the crowd started shouting, he recalled a presentation he had made years ago in Uruguay and thanked him for the affection he received in that moment, which was necessary to calm his nervousness and uncertainty.

Southern summer arrived early: “There’s a party in the pool / The world keeps watching us / Why don’t we turn a corner? / And it keeps swallowing us,” Maria Becerra sings in the chorus.

This is how he performed the song ‘Piscina’ live for the first time, which was released on 8 November with singer Chencho Corleone and music producer Ovi on the drums.

After opening the show with ‘Perro Furioso’, the 23-year-old singer asked if she had “Automatics” at the concert and when the answer was positive she sang ‘Automatico’, the song with which she wanted to pay “tribute”. For older reggaeton players.Like Daddy Yankee.

Later, ‘La Nena de Argentina’ invited him to listen to “some bachitas” and the voice of the Spanish Enrique Iglesias appeared at the Velodrome of the Uruguayan capital with ‘Así es la vida’.

In the middle of the show and while reading the posters brought by fans to show her, the Argentinian singer found a poster of Julieta, who was turning 10, and formulated a request: to go on stage.

‘La Nena de Argentina’ said yes and together they sang ‘Marte’, a song that María Becerra had released last year with Mexican Sofia Reyes.

Then both of them came down and the singer took advantage of the moment to closely greet the fans in the front rows.

Nominated in four categories at the Latin Grammys held in Seville a few days ago, the singer repeated what she had done that night and sang ‘Ojala’, one of the hit songs from the album ‘La Nena de Argentina’.

Reaching over 150 million views on Spotify, almost 140 million views on YouTube and dedicated to single mothers, ‘Corazon Vacio’ became one of the most loved pieces by fans, something like As was the case with ‘Desfiando al Destino’.

Later there were also various photographs and videos from the singer’s childhood that appeared on screens mounted on the stage.

Turn off the ‘Fast Slow Motion’ soundtrack.

Media personality in her home country after rising to fame as a YouTuber on her own channel, which featured singing versions of other musicians along with monologues, makeup tutorials, and excerpts from her vacation experiences, Maria Becerra once again became a media personality with affection. Ended his show by thanking the Uruguayans.

On the other hand, posters in the air, painted faces and thunderous applause applauded the presence of the young woman who in 2019 decided to choose a career in music and since then has performed with famous artists such as Rau Alejandro, Becky G. Has shared a single with. Camila Cabello, Lola Indigo, J. Balvin or Pablo Alborán.

‘Berlin’ was one of the last songs of the night with which ‘La Nena de Argentina’ thrilled her fans, and in March next year they will have the opportunity to see her at the Monument in Buenos Aires.

She will perform in front of a packed stadium after selling out the seats put up for sale in record time, becoming the first Argentine singer to perform on the historic stage.

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