US approves Amgen’s $27.8 billion acquisition of Horizon Therapeutics

New York, Sep 1 (EFE) Millions of dollars.

In a statement, the regulator explained that the settlement prevents the pharmaceutical giant from bundling its products with drugs that Horizon produces to treat Graves’ eye disease or gout.

It was one of the main requirements of officials in several Democratic-ruled states, who in May asked the FTC to block the acquisition because of the possibility that Amgen would use the purchase to bolster Horizon’s monopoly position in the market. did. of these rare diseases

The director of the agency’s Office of Competitiveness, Henry Liu, defended that the settlement “sends a clear signal that the FTC and its state partners will investigate pharmaceutical mergers that allow this type of practice.”

Shares of both companies rallied this Friday after news of the deal broke.

Attorneys general of six US states had asked the FTC to block the antitrust acquisition, arguing that it would “allow Amgen to leverage its large portfolio of blockbuster drugs to pressure insurance companies and pharmacy benefit managers”. ” Horizon’s monopoly products, Tepeza and Crystexa”.

In addition, according to agreements with regulators, Amgen must obtain approval from authorities before acquiring new products for the treatment of Graves’ eye disease or gout.

Joe Biden’s US government has focused on fighting the high prices of many essential drugs in the United States, such as insulin.

On Tuesday, the White House published a list of ten drugs with which it will begin a series of negotiations with drug companies to lower their prices, a measure that would allow Democrats’ flagship health and environmental legislation, the Inflation Reduction Act. is included in The approval was given last year.

The drugs selected are the anticoagulants Eliquis and Xarelto; Jardiance, which treats diabetes and heart failure; Januvia, Farxiga and Novolog for diabetes; Enbrel and Stelara for arthritis and psoriasis; Entresto, for heart failure, and Imbruvica, for blood cancer.

Its makers now have until October 1 to decide whether they will participate in talks with the government.

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