US energy supplier will today suspend service to the Caracol Industrial Park

The US electricity company Enreca, which supplies the Caracol Industrial Park, a complex built with financing from the Inter-American Development Bank in northern Haiti, will interrupt its supply services starting this Sunday, given the severity of the fuel shortage crisis.

In addition to the crisis that surrounds this company due to fuel shortages, the continuous protests, violence and blockade of streets and highways constitute other obstacles that make it impossible for the company to receive fuel directly from the terminals.

“Unfortunately, the situation of roads and fuel terminals in the country has not improved and our fuel reserves are exhausted,” says a statement released by the electricity supply company to the industrial park.

“You are informed that the electrical power service will be completely interrupted as of September 25, 2022 at 02:00 hours,” the statement adds.

This electricity company serves the towns of the Trou-du-Nord district and Limonade, a municipality in the Nord department, through a pilot project for sustainable electricity distribution.

The Caracol Industrial Park has 20 industrial buildings, three three-story residences, two administrative buildings of 1,000 m2 each.

The buildings are made of structural steel with closures in masonry blocks, residences in reinforced concrete, administrative buildings in structural steel, reinforced concrete and masonry, twelve metallic lookouts for surveillance of the park and a drinking water supply system and industrial water against fire.

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