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Proper name is enough to identify the queens Coco Gauffjust cocoa, already one though 19 years There is no diamond big enough to set in your crown yet. At a time when American tennis is yearning to find a likely successor to Queen Serena (Williams) with a capital letter retired last year, no one has been able to collect as much as the Delray Beach teenager charisma, magnetism and charm Dreaming of Riley. And although there have been other names and candidates in recent years, including Grand Slam champions like Sloane Stephens and Sofia Kenin, none allow them to cherish that dream like Gauff is doing at this edition of the United States Open.

this tuesday, in another flawless performanceGough has taken too little 68 minutes getting rid of the blunt 6-0 and 6-2 by Jelena OstapenkoThe Latvian, who won Roland Garros six years ago and who destroyed Iga Swiatek once again two days ago, left the pole without chances of renewing the title in New York and was ousted from No. 1 by Aryna Sabalenka. .

With that victory, Gauff enters In the semifinals for the first time in their five New York appearances, where this year’s Roland Garros finalist Romanian Sorana Cristea or Czech Karolina Muchova will be measured this Thursday. And she does it like an American tennis player First at that time ok, from serena, in 2001.


Gauff’s Star, daughter of athletes, Appearing on the professional circuit five years ago has already had its intuition. They recognized its potential talent patrick moratogluOne of the coaches who helped shape Serena, whose academy she entered at the age of 10, four years before becoming world junior champion. Her first major glimpse came in 2019, when she beat Venus Williams at Wimbledon, and she has lived through her greatest moments. Roland GarrosWhere they reached the quarterfinals in 2021 and this year, after reaching the finals in the previous edition.

But of course hatching can happen this summer. Early exit in first round of Wimbledon started rebuilding process. About the coaching team his parents started and where Catalan Pere Riba have contributed to strengthening their arms from strength of your service Until flawless track coveragegot included in brad gilbert., a seasoned and historic figure who, as is remembered these days, began mentoring Andre Agassi and Andy Roddick just months before they won titles at Flushing Meadows in 1994 and 2003.

Something has definitely clicked. Gauff said, in the North American season before the last big season Heading into Washington and Cincinnati, already rising five his palms, more than any teenager since Caroline WozniakMe in 2008 and 2009. They have won 16 of their last 17 matches. And their good times are on display on the slopes of Arthur Ashe, where all the seating reserved for them has morphed into the biggest celebrity magnet of all time. obama To justin bieber or spike lee,

Coco incident

The impatience that could be seen in the past is being replaced by calmness. The failure of his forehand or his powerful serve at crucial moments, which had been one of his worst enemies in the past, has greatly reduced the resistance to pressure in which he claims to serve. Lessons from Carlos Alcaraz,

In this Coco incidentHowever, there are many elements that go beyond what happens on the track. His image is carefully guarded by Team8 agents Boutique agency created by Roger Federer. But it’s also fun and natural. And since he came under the media’s radar, he hasn’t shied away from venturing into social or racial justice issues either.

If it is true, as someone wrote, “Tennis isn’t nurtured by champions, it’s nurtured by stars”, There is no American like No. 6 in the world today.

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