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A scandal shakes the police in USA, after discovering that a group of agents had sexual practices and sending explicit content while in service.

According to the WTVF television network, Agent Maegan Hall and six of her partners reportedly had sexual affairs, including: sending explicit photos, taking off their clothes during a hot tub party, and even engaging in oral sex with two other officers from the La Vergne, Tennessee police station.

Hall, who was married, was fired as a result of her behavior and comments in which she referred to the size of her colleagues’ genitals and claimed to have an “open marriage”.

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The internal investigation showed that the defendant would have had extramarital encounters in the gym of the police station, hotels, houses of other agents and a boat. She is also accused of participating in a threesome with agent Magliocco and his wife.

When he was questioned, Magliocco claimed to have witnessed a kiss between Agents Hall and Holladay while they were at a party. He also claimed that Hall had kissed his own wife Amy after learning of their “open marriage”.

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Another agent stated that the defendant had relationships with several people “everyone knows that she has several lovers,” he mentioned.

After discovering the promiscuity inside the police station, authorities issued a statement stating: “Pornography and offensive images in the workplace are forms of sexual harassment. These objects are offensive, inappropriate and can create a work environment hostile to other employees.

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