USA representative Noelia Voigt out of top 10 of Miss Universe 2023

Last January, Miss USA, R’Bonnie Gabriel, became the winner of the pageant miss Universe In its 71st edition, it was held in Louisiana, United States.

Ten months later, another edition is taking place this November 18 American and to choose the successor of Miss Universe 2023. However, the crown would not remain in the American Union, because Miss USA Noelia Voigt failed to make the top 10 finalists.

Although Voigt was included in a select group of 20 finalists after the swimsuit parade, she did not advance to the next round. The 10 finalists were representatives of Puerto Rico, Thailand, Peru, Colombia, Nicaragua, Philippines, El Salvador, Venezuela, Australia, and Spain.

Who is Miss USA 2023 Noelia Voigt?

For the 72nd edition of Miss Universe, Noelia Voigt was in charge of representing the Country of the Stars and Stripes.

According to the pageant’s voting portal, Miss USA, 24, She is a Venezuelan-American and bilingual interior design student.Joe lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, after growing up in South Florida.

“Noelia believes passionately in empowering women to determine their own future, making her a dedicated advocate for positive change.” Points towards organization.

As per her profile, she is very proud to know that she is a self-reliant, confident and independent woman. Voigt is inspired by people who overcome adversity and turn their story into success.

If it had to be described in one word it would be “relentless”. “I feel happiest when I achieve a goal in which I create a positive impact.”Has also shared.

How many times has the United States won the Miss Universe pageant?

Even if Voigt failed to advance and regardless of the winner of this edition, The United States remains the most victorious country, assume that Miss USA has won the Miss Universe title in nine editions.

The first winner was Miriam Jacqueline Stevenson, who became Miss Universe 1954, while the last winner was R’Bonnie Gabriel. Here we share All United States winners in Miss Universe history:

  • 1954 – Mary Jacqueline Stevenson
  • 1956 – Carol Ann LaVern
  • 1960 – Linda Jean Bement
  • 1967 – Sylvia Louise Hitchcock
  • 1980 – Shawn Nichols Weatherly
  • 1995 – Chelsea Miriam-Pearl Smith
  • 1997 – Brooke Antoinette Mahelani
  • 2012 – Olivia Frances Culpo
  • 2022/2023 – R’Bonnie Gabriel

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