uses, benefits and recipes. The wild herb that everyone likes

Dandelion is a plant with extraordinary benefits for our body. Let’s find out how to best use it.

dandelion yellow flower use
Dandelion – Photo from Pinterest

It is a spontaneous herb that is not often heard of except in the ingredients of some digestive and detox herbal tea. It is in fact its remarkable benefits that have made the dandelion famous and one of a kind.

Also called “dandelion”this plant characterized by beautiful yellow flowers is useful on several occasions thanks to its multiple properties.

There are those to take advantage of yours beneficial properties makes an infusion of it, but dandelion can be taken in many different ways. So let’s see what his are benefits and how to cook it to benefit from it.

The benefits of dandelion

herbal tea dandelion properties
Dandelion tea – Photo from Pinterest

The dandelion is a plant rich in important nutrients, such as the vitamin B6 and B9beyond the best known C vitamin. Thanks to the presence of these vitamins, taking dandelions allows us to strengthen our own immune systemalso reducing the risk of some cancers and cardiovascular diseases.

It is also rich in polyphenols, such as i flavonoidspowerful antioxidants that prove to be an excellent ally against the formation of free radicalsa major cause of cancer.

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His are also known diuretic properties And detoxwhich is why dandelion is always among the main ingredients of various detox and draining herbal teas.

It also shows very useful as digestive. Drinking an herbal tea with the leaves of this plant after lunch allows you to digest a hearty lunch more easily, thus avoiding the classic heaviness of the stomach and bloating.

Recipes for eating dandelions

dandelion risotto recipes
Dandelion Risotto – Photo from Pinterest

If you really don’t like herbal teas, you will like to know that dandelions can also be cooked. In fact, there are many recipes to best cook this extraordinary plant.

All parts of this plant can be cooked, but it is good to know that the flavor will be a little bittersomewhat reminiscent of chicory.

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You can, for example, take the youngest leaves of the plant and sauté them in a pan with a clove ofgarlic. If, on the other hand, you want a more dietary alternative, you could steam or boil the leaves.

Another nice recipe is to blend the plant together with gods beanssubsequently spreading the mixture obtained on some toast.

There are many, however, who prepare the dandelion omelette. 3-4 eggs, some flowers and leaves of the plant, mozzarella and parmesan are enough and the omelette will immediately acquire a mix of bitter and salty cheese.

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