Uses of Medicinal Mushroom Cordyceps Cicada for Healthy Eyes

Amy Kuo. Research & Development Department, Grape King Bio, Ltd. (Taiwan)

With the advancement of technology a Aging population especially in Asian countriescare and Eye health has become a topic of great attentionSince the eye is one of the most important sensory organs it plays a fundamental role in every aspect and phase of our lives. 80% of all the impressions we experience come to us through vision.

without a doubt, use of electronic devices Nowadays, whether desktop computers, laptops, smartphones or even tablets, they are indispensable tools in our daily and working lives. widespread use of these devices May also contribute to the development of visual disorders, visual impairment have serious consequences For the individual throughout his life. That’s why we keep ours Healthy eyes are extremely important,

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the prevalence of At least 2.2 billion people have vision impairment, globally, main reason includes visual impairment and blindness Refractive errors, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration, Most of these are eye diseases Treated through surgery, use of eye drops, and/or dietary supplements,

A new ingredient for eye care – Cordyceps cicada

cordyceps cicada ,C. Cicada, this is a medicinal mushrooms With use in traditional Chinese medicine for over 1,600 years. This can also be seen from the numberChanhua, Isaria cicada, or ombre of cicada flower (cicada flower in English), This is one of The oldest medicinal mushroom in history, but little is known. He C. Cicada In China it is most commonly consumed in culinary dishes, either cooked in soup with other ingredients, fried, or as a tonic drink.

cordyceps cicada It is naturally distributed in tropical and subtropical regions. Grows at altitudes between 700 and 950 metres, and at temperatures between 18-24ºC with a relative humidity of more than 80%. He Life Cycle of cordyceps cicada It is divided into the three Stooges, Infection, parasitism, and saprophytes, The first occurs when C. Cicada infects the host Larval stage through ascospores, In some cases,Infection is caused by eating contaminated food by mycelia of C. Cicada, In the second phase, C. Cicada feeds on host:Eats all internal organs of the larva and leaves the exoskeleton intact. Later, the already propagated fungal cell turns into a white mass (mycelium) inside the body of the larva. In the final stage, white flowers germinate and emerge from the oral cavity of the host, to produce the fruiting body of C. Cicada, These ripen in summer and begin to release ascospores.

medicinal properties of cordyceps cicada It is mentioned in the historical texts of Chinese traditional medicine include It is used to treat fever, childhood convulsions, malaria, nervousness and vertigo, However, they are also held responsible C. Cicada Physiological activities such as renoprotection, blood glucose regulation, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-cancer and immunomodulatory properties. Due to wide range of biological activities C. CicadaAnd also because it has been little studied, it presents A great possibility of discovering new worksAs well as its use for eye health for example.

Dietary Supplement of Mycelium of Cordyceps Cicada

In Grape King Bio dietary supplement is produced of the mycelium of cordyceps cicada In 20-ton fermenters over a period of 7 days. By controlling the conditions of liquid fermentation, the active ingredient HEA (N6-(2-hydroxyethyl)adenosine) is produced, reaching a concentration of 1.5 mg/g.

At the moment, we have made a total five clinical trials, one of them has rated blood glucose regulationAnother study focused on food securityAnd three of them have focused on prevention or correction of certain visual disordersAs dry eye syndrome, Reduction of increased intraocular pressureAnd assessment on vision improvement, In all clinical trials conducted, the mycelium of C. Cicada Was consumed orally,

In dry eye syndrome, consumption of mycelium C. Cicada Has shown Improves tear quality, which act as lubricants for the eyes and hence, the feeling of dryness is significantly reduced. On the other hand, with only 500 mg/day mycelium C. CicadaThe increased intraocular pressure reduced to normal limits within 90 minutes., Finally, our most recent study suggested that, 1 hour after ingesting the mycelium C. CicadaImprovement in vision may be seen in patients with visual disorders.

in conclusion, cordyceps cicada is the owner of wide range of physical activities, One of the most interesting and biggest possibilities is its contribution to eye health.

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