Using NFL DFS Sims for Week 10 DraftKings Lineups

NFL DFS Sims has arrived in the form of SimLabs. You can learn more about how to use SimLabs by reading our DFS sims Frequently asked questions.

When an optimizer generates lineups through user customization and the user scores the lineups, SimLabs simulates the field and scores the lineups for the user.

Each week, we will take a belated look at the SimLabs results and briefly discuss the conclusions. For Week 10, there is a lot of affirmation of the Bengals’ great chalk, the quality leverage of playing the 49ers in abundance, and the absurdity of playing the Cowboys. summer schedule a lot.

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Stacks of Bengals

Editor’s Notes: it’s a game-time decision as of Sunday morning, according to Ian Rapoport.

The Bengals are a great stack this week. One of the best QBs in the league throwing very often to one of the best WRs in the league.

projects the best, is tied with Amon-Ra St. Brown for the best WR, and the Bengals have the second-highest implied total on the list (26.75). Hopefully they have great ownership, but how much should we use them?

Using SimLabs’ default settings, I ran a batch of 150 lineups and found that the Bengals’ ratings overwhelmingly expose us to them.

  • 40.67%
  • 16.67%
  • 38.67%
  • 30.67%

I’m a little surprised by Mixon’s exposure given the sheer number of RBs on the roster, but he projects well and it will take a lot of lineups to gain weight on him. SimLabs wants to be overweight on the Bengals and that’s not crazy.

There’s also the idea that the Burrow-Chase stacks don’t get enough attention. Probably a mix of their salaries with the value we have at Boyd and.

The gold rush with the Niners

projects for exactly one half point more than and it’s only $100 more. But Smith is projected to have 12.9% ownership and Purdy 6.4%.

I beat the drum for putting Purdy ahead of Smith in a single entry this week and SimLabs is rating Purdy’s lineups much higher than Smith’s.

The 150 sets are exposed to Purdy in 10.67% of lineups, while only Smith is exposed in 8.67%. The former is overweight in the field and the latter slightly underweight. and the exposure is below 10% for both, but the other Niners eclipse the Seahawks:

37.33% of the lineups contain the 49ers, while 24.67% contain the Seahawks.

While we are in team exposures, the Bengals have the highest exposure at 80.67%, but it is actually the Cardinals (62.67%), Texans (60.00%) and Jaguars (59.33%) who They rank closely in the following three places. .

Cowboys summer schedule Perfect storm of bad play

Cowboys summer schedule is the best summer schedule on board. The Giants implied that the total is so small the girls are laughing (11.0, tee-hee-hee) as a result of a third-string QB who literally lives on her parents’ couch and a host of other injuries that affect the team.

It is reasonable to want to play this defense in a vacuum, but we do not play DFS in a vacuum cleaner. We live in a salary cap world, a great one DFS the mind likes to say, and ownership is a cost.

SimLabs has the cowboys summer schedule with 17.5% ownership, but only 7.33% of SimLabs lineups are exposed to them.

It’s really hard to find a lot of highly rated lineups in this universe with $4,400 summer schedules. This is a great place and we are seeing that the Sims are very underweight.

It’s in the curriculum

Visit our SimLabs Discord channel to read the discussions people are having about their experiences and ask any questions. That being said, SimLabs Frequently asked questions It is extraordinarily fantastic. Many questions can be answered by Frequently asked questions. Please check it out, but feel free to post your questions. Especially the one you think might look stupid. We are all in this together.

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