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Tomás Cobo and Florentino Pérez Raya.

Doctors and nurses have been conjured for greater protection against potential infection of the monkey pox. The two groups agree on the need to preventively vaccinate the professionals who make up the infectious patient units, even if they have not had close contact with the patients. Until now, the protocol of the Ministry of Health only contemplates the administration of doses for health workers who have been exposed but did not carry a Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).

In this sense, the president of the General Nursing Council (CGE), Florentino Perez Raya, has stressed that it would be “recommended” to extend vaccination to professionals from infectious disease units even if they have not had close contact. However, it does not place them as the priority group. “Knowing that there is no surplus of vaccines for monkeypox, we must prioritize the population at risk”, he explained to Medical Writing.

The leader of the organization has also extended this strategy to the “areas closest to these patients”, although he has ruled out the possibility of vaccinating the entire nursing profession against the preparation for monkeypox. “We do not believe that it is necessary at this time,” he confirmed.

To deal with the disease, Pérez Raya has insisted that it is “essential” that all the nurses involved be able to have PPE to guarantee your safety. “We consider it essential to commit to prevention and the need to protect health professionals, especially when caring for patients with symptoms compatible with monkeypox”, he pointed out.

Pérez Raya’s position is similar to that of the president of the General Council of Official Colleges of Physicians (Cgcom), Thomas Cobowho, however, places a condition prior to the administration of the monkeypox vaccine to the medical community: that the Immunology and Preventive Medicine sectors give the go ahead to the operation.

In statements to this newspaper, the head of the College of Physicians reiterates that this decision “is in the hands of immunologists”, but adds that “everything that is protect workers It will be positive.” In this sense, it would also be favorable to place doctors as a priority group to receive the monkeypox vaccine.

Sanitary protocol against monkeypox

For the moment, the Ministry of Health has not included among its plans to extend vaccination against monkeypox to health workers. The protocol approved in July It contemplates preventive immunization for professionals who work in specialized STI or HIV consultations, as well as laboratory employees with access to potentially contaminated tests. However, none of the collective integrates the chapter of priority sectors.

The rest of the indications are limited to establishing the guidelines to be followed by doctors and nurses who care for patients with this disease, who, as stated in the document, must use the suitable personal protective equipment Y FFP2 masks.

The medical proceduresespecially those that generate aerosols and any other type of procedure on the airway, such as tracheal intubation, bronchoalveolar lavage, manual ventilation, require special protection measures such as the use of FFP3 masks, tight eye protection and gloves and waterproof gowns.

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