Vaccines and masks, the fury of Hope continues

It is not my custom to use overly emphatic tones, however afterwards the latest statements by Roberto Speranza on masks and vaccinesechoed by the director general of the Italian Medicines Agency, who supported the need for an annual vaccine for all – or alternatively for the over 50s -, it seems to me that we can say that we are in the presence of one creeping, prolonged attack on liberal democracy. An attack that has for some time been spontaneously coalescing certain specific sectors of society which, as I have already had the opportunity to underline on these pages, are gathering support, honors and money on the basis of a widespread viral terror that is increasingly unjustified.

From this point of view, the statements of the Minister of Health, issued to the director of the “Corriere della Sera”, the evanescent Luciano Fontana, leave no room for much doubt about his sinister intentions for our near future. “Indoor masks remain a fundamental garrison – Speranza ruled, regardless of the fact that we were alone in Europe with such a measure – and they will be so at least until the end of April”, reserving the right to evaluate with his operetta technicians to extend the obligation even after this deadline.

And in support of his deliberations there is always the fraudulent assumption of infections, used as a political club since the beginning of the pandemic. In fact, he still considers the mask essential because “at this moment we have an incidence of 800 cases per 100,000 inhabitantstherefore – he underlines – precisely on the basis of the epidemiological curve we will evaluate together with the scientists the decision to make on the masks. “

Ditto with potatoes on vaccines, which together with masks and the green pass have long been an instrument of social control of a health nature. While declaring that currently the average age of those who lose their lives due to Covid-19 (or Covid-19?) Is 83, Speranza launches a powerful kick to the can, arguing regarding the infamous fourth dose that “in autumn we will understand if the campaign will also be extended to the youngest “, reserving the right to evaluate it also in this case” together with scientists and in the light of the most recent research. “

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