Vagina Monologues celebrates 27 years of empowerment and the fight against violence

monologue of VaginaTo They are about to celebrate 27 years since their world premiere and 23 years since their arrival in Mexico. Since then it has become one of the frequent shows on Billboard in Mexico City.

The work is composed of a series of monologues usually performed by three actresses in each performance. is a fundamental part of the job V-Day Project, which seeks to end violence against women. Every year between February 1 and March 8, International Women’s Day, celebrations are held around the world to raise funds to combat violence against women.

Here we tell you some information about which you might not know. vagina monologue,

The play was written and first staged in 1996. Its author Eve Ensler has written it on the basis of 200 interviews of women. In these talks he talked about sex, love relationships and violence against women. the work premiered October 8, 1996 in New YorkAnd the original version of the play included only one actress.

This work reached Mexico four years later. Under the Best Theater Production, the play had its first performance on October 19, 2000. After 23 years, the play has already been performed more than 8 thousand works in our country.

140 actresses have participated in the Mexican version of the play since 2000. And outstanding women in various fields. In the first season, the following participated: Andrea Legarreta, Stephanie Salas, Sofía Álvarez, Pilar Bolivar, Ana Karina Guevara and the great actresses Lilia Aragón and Adriana Roel, as well as Dr. Anabel Ochoa, the last three of whom had already died. Is .

The reach and popularity of the work led to a meeting at Madison Square Garden in 2000. 18 thousand people, With the venue packed, a special ceremony was held which was attended by journalist Oprah Winfrey, rock singer Melissa Etheridge, rapper Queen Latifah, as well as actresses Brooke Shields, Calista Flockhart, Glenn Close, Jane Fonda, Margaret Cho. Marisa Tomei, Rosie Perez, Teri Hatcher, Whoopi Goldberg and Winona Ryder.

It is a work that has achieved success around the world. She was the winner of an Obie Award, an award that recognizes Off-Broadway plays. It has also been translated into more than 45 languages ​​and presented in approximately 120 countries. There is also a series inspired by the work produced by HBO.

These are some facts about this symbolic work. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy it. you can do it here Consult, schedule, book tickets and get discounts,

By Oscar Ramírez Maldonado, Photos: Theater Billboard

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