Valentina, daughter of Salma Hayek and the friendship she has with Kayne West

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Salma Hayek and her daughter, Valentina Paloma Pinaultrecently captivated Internet users by showing the inside of their bags and what they carry with them every day, in addition to this they shared their tastes and way of being, this was a fun dynamic for Vogue Mexico magazine, of which this month mother and daughter are cover.

After the Veracruz woman showed the inside of her Yves Saint Laurent bag, it was the turn of the 14-year-old girl to show hers, where she highlighted her vintage camera, perfumes, makeup basics and apart from revealing that she always brings with her his headphones as he is a fan of listening to music.

In addition to showing the inside of her bag, Valentina Paloma showed a candle she has from Lana del Rey, to which she prays. to be inspired by music. To which her mother declared that “she has Kayne West on the roof”, since the young woman is a big fan of Kim Kardashian’s ex.

“I love Kayne, I met Kayne when I was 9 years old, my mom tells me put on makeup that Kayne is coming, I left an hour later because I did my makeup and changed and I tell her ‘hi, I’m Valentina, nice to meet you“commented the young woman,

Which revealed that being so excited, she forgot to tell her that she was a fan of her music and he just asked if he wanted Starbucks.

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