Valentina Paloma, daughter of Salma Hayek, reveals her most intimate secrets speaking perfect Spanish

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Salma Hayek on the occasion of Mother’s Day shared a video in which appears with her daughter, Valentina Paloma Pinault, showing what each keeps in their bags.

It was a fun dynamic for the magazine Vogue Mexico, in which both were chosen as the cover image of the month of May. In the video you can first see Salma Hayek sharing in detail what she keeps in her bagyour iPad, cell phone, water, snacks, wet wipes, lip balm, hand cream, natural oils, a notebook, scripts of some of the productions in which he works, his portfolio, a license to dive and a piece of palo santo to cleanse bad vibes; plus a box filled with angel phrases.

Salma Hayek and her daughter share the secrets of their bags
Photo: Instagram @salmahayek

Right away, Valentine showed the inside of the bag, which according to the recording belongs to his mother. Among the objects that cannot be missing in the 14-year-old’s bag, her vintage camera stands out, with which you love to capture images of your friends or your travels. In addition to three perfume containers, which she uses depending on each occasion, that is, on an outing with friends, at a dinner or on a trip with her parents.

Valentina Paloma participates in a fun dynamic to
Vogue Mexico
Photo: Capture YouTube

Valentina Paloma also carries a repair oil for hair ends to keep it healthy after all the chemical processes to which it is subjected.

Valentina Paloma surprised with the fluency with which she speaks Spanish
Photo: Capture YouTube

The young woman showed her makeup basics in which she includes a common eyelash curler. In her bag she always travels with the gold ring that her grandmother gave her last year, as well as her headphones and a Lana del Rey candle, as she has been said to be a fan of her music, as well as of Kanye West.

Look here all the secrets of Valentina Paloma:

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