Valentino Rossi, the revelation of Jorge Lorenzo to Dazn: ‘The tear of 2015? Marquez decided in Assen ‘

In an interview with Dazn, the Majorcan returned to the events of 2015, the “cursed” season of the Rossi-Marquez clash that cost Valentino the World Cup: according to Jorge, the fire broke out in Assen

Now, of the three, only Marc remained on the track, however, stopped by physical problems that frighten Honda and its fans. Yet in the relations between Marc Marquez himself, Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo, the aftermath of that much talked about 2015, the “cursed” year that dragged MotoGP into a whirlwind of controversy like never before, is still felt. In an interview with Dazn that will be broadcast in its entirety in a few days, it was the Majorcan, world champion for the fifth time at the end of that season, who returned to the bitter battle that saw his teammate (then Rossi, on the Yamaha official) and the Spaniard of the HRC team.


According to Jorge, that quarrel began at the Dutch GP: it was right after the Assen race that theMotorcycle University, that Marc would have sworn “revenge” at 46. “The straw that broke the camel’s back was in Assen, when they touched on the chicane. They blamed each other, ”explained Lorenzo. Let’s take a step back: last lap of the Dutch TT, Rossi and Marquez are fighting for the victory. In front is the Italian, closely hunted by a 93 who is just waiting for the right moment to launch his attack. Valentino, however, is fast, opens the throttle early and takes off deep, too much even for a playmaker like Marc. Which is forced to wait for the entry of the last S to try everything. The RC213V of the Spaniard “hole” for a moment the space of Rossi’s M1, which with Marquez inside decides to widen towards the gravel. In fact, cutting the chicane to cross the finish line in first position ahead of the Spaniard who in the meantime has remained on the track.


Necessity in order not to finish on the ground at the last corner or the malice of nine times World Champion? The paddock cracks. If for many Rossi’s “cut” was a forced maneuver to avoid a potential contact triggered by Marc, for the champion of Cervera (and not only) that of Valentino is a crafty one. According to the Spanish the Doctor, found himself with his back to the wall and forced to turn off the gas in order to face the curve, he would have chosen the gravel route – the shortest – to find himself in front after the S. After the race, the smiles are very tight, especially in the Honda Repsol garage. “From that moment on, Marquez no longer wanted Valentino to win the World Championship” says Lorenzo six years later to Dazn’s microphones, throwing fuel on a fire that has never been completely extinguished.


An interview that will cause discussion, and that will return to polarize the MotoGP audience. Before Holland, it should be remembered, there was also Argentina, with the contact during the last round which resulted in Marquez’s crash and Rossi’s solo victory. Perhaps in Termas the fire had not yet ignited, but it is beyond doubt that at least in retrospect that episode constituted a “heavy” precedent in the relations between the two champions. Worsened drastically after the famous press conference in Sepang, on that Thursday at the gun cotton in which Valentino openly points the finger at the Spaniard. The motivation? Marc’s conduct of the race during the Australian GP, ​​a race in which the Spaniard would have intentionally favored his compatriot Lorenzo to the detriment of Rossi. Whether or not it is a matter of inferences, of a “strategy” concocted to put pressure on the rival, the only certain thing is that it is the beginning of a season finale with almost embarrassing contours, in which the controversy prevails over sport. .


Everyone remembers what happened in Sepang, even if the interpretations on the events of that day are varied and disparate: a shared truth, probably, we will never have it. It is at the end of that cloudy weekend, however, that Jorge Lorenzo also enters this duel full of shadows. The Majorcan, who will play the World Cup with Rossi in Valencia, invokes the penalty of his teammate. Not chivalrous? Probably yes, but evidently according to Jorge the stakes are too high to afford the luxury of elegance. There are criticisms against Lorenzo and also against a race direction accused of lack of pulse. The sanction actually comes in the form of a relegation to last position on the grid for the next GP, that of Valencia, but it is a patched-up measure with an almost clumsy flavor. On the Ricardo Tormo Rossi staged an amazing comeback, one of the best of his career, but once again the yellow fans accuse Marc, guilty according to the detractors of having served as a squire for Lorenzo even in the last race. The Spanish “biscuit” is shouted: Jorge, in the end, takes home a controversial title. Now, six years later, Lorenzo wants to tell “his” truth.

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