Valentino, son of Ricky Martin, shows his luxurious mansion

Ricky Martin He is perhaps one of the most recognized Latin singers worldwide. Since he launched his solo career in 1991 and up to the present, he has sold more than 60 million records from the ten albums and three compilations he has made so far. Thanks to his popularity, he is known as the “King of Latin Pop”.

One of his highest points in his career was when his song “La copa de la vida” was selected as the official theme of the world soccer championship in France in 1998. In fact, the performance he did on the live broadcast was seen by more than a billion people around the planet.


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In 2010 Ricky Martin became the first Latino celebrity to openly declare his homosexuality through Twitter. However, two years before this event, he had already become the father of adorable twins whom he decided to call Matteo Y valentine through surrogacy.

Valentino is precisely the most mediatic son of Ricky Martin, at least on social networks, since with the expansion of TikTok, the 13-year-old has become an influencer because he has more than 20,000 followers on said platform. and almost 100 thousand “likes”.


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However, thanks to his publications, one of the two eldest sons of the singer has revealed a little more than the mansion they have in Dorado, one of the most exclusive areas of Puerto Rico.

It was thanks to a short recording that the teenager, who has blond hair, clarifies that the remodeling of his house is almost one hundred percent and he does not hesitate to show some parts of the luxurious house.


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“The remodeling of our house in Puerto Rico is 94% complete. Here is the interior and here is the exterior”, Valentino explained in English, while showing the double-height room and in which you can see a huge light-colored square-shaped armchair.

In addition, thanks to the recording of almost a minute, it is possible to see the pool and spa area surrounded by palm trees. As if that were not enough, in other of the TikToks that Valentino has made trying to imitate the viral videos of the application, you can see the piano room, the dining room, the kitchen and of course his bedroom.

Said house is the home they inhabit on the Caribbean island Ricky Martin with her husband Jwan Yosef and the two children they have in common Lucy Y Rennas well as the teenagers Matteo and Valentino, sons of Ricky Martin.

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