Valentino: the designer’s story and 5 curiosities to know about the brand

From Simon Porte Jacquemus to Jonathan Anderson, many creatives shared patterns and suggestions with followers of their brands, while Balenciaga’s Demna Gvasalia teamed up with fans of the German band Rammstein for a capsule collection.

Fashion becomes democratic and do-it-yourself, in an almost anarchic perspective of sharing that cultivates the dream of a more inclusive fashion:

On May 5th Chanel N.5 celebrated its first 100 years. The iconic perfume is the prime example of the very special relationship between Mademoiselle Chanel and numerology. Together with Chiara Pasqualetti Johnson, who recently published the book “The perfume of the century”, dedicated to Chanel N.5, Vogue Italia tries to reveal curiosities and details, some very well known, others almost unknown, about the fragrance and its creator, who is closely linked to numbers. Five after another, we will retrace the reasons why Coco Chanel was so linked to 5 and numerology in general, so much so that other famous fragrances of the house bear the name of other numbers dear to the designer: 19, 31, 22 , 32. Not just perfumes: does the number 2.55 tell you something? Discover all the secrets of numbers for Chanel in this podcast:

Astrology and prediction of the future, tarot and coffee grounds reading: nowadays, everything passes through the mobile phone, as Marco Morello explains in his article published in the May issue of Vogue Italia. It’s time for AstroApps.

Amulets and superstitions, rituals and thaumaturgical crystals: the protagonists of fashion do not disdain a superstitious approach to their work and their personal life. Riccardo Tisci, Victoria Beckham, Naomi Campbell and Tom Ford are just some of the fashion stars who love crystals, amulets and hand reading. Here is the podcast dedicated to the article by Samira Larouci published in the May issue of Vogue Italia:

There is no planet B is a quite famous claim by now. And it was coined by Ecoalf. The founder Javier Goneyeche told us in this podcast how this communication campaign – which is actually a call to change our way of interpreting sustainability – was born, together with his commitment to the environment, the projects of the foundation from him promoted for the protection of the oceans and the philosophy behind sustainable fashion.

We talked about Goal 2 of the 2030 Agenda – fight hunger – for sustainable development with Michael Kors, who donated in 8 years 20 million school meals through the Watch Hunger Stop campaign in collaboration with the United Nations World Food Program. An extraordinary initiative by the “Global Ambassador against hunger for the United Nations World Food Program” which simultaneously addresses the hunger problem – it is estimated that 1 in 9 people in the world do not have access to sufficient nutrition – and education: the experience in the 60 countries where the program is active demonstrates how the possibility of accessing a meal convinces families to allow their daughters to go to school, establishing a virtuous circle with a strong impact on communities.

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