VALORANT: Leviathan competes in the first Aspas championship

Erick’s first championship.bladesSantos peels Leviathan Esports it was o LATAM Superdomeindependent championship VALORANT which brings together some of the best teams of professional tactical shooting players in riot games. Reaching 2-0 without appeasement, the Argentine organization won RAGE and sagrou-se tournament camp.

To play the game in the best-of-five (MD5) format, where the first map played was Haven, choose two heroes. After finishing the first half of the first half 7-5 implementing the offensive side, the Panthers were unable to neutralize the opponent in the second half and were outscored 13-9.

Or after the duel happened in Split, listen RAGE, there is no case. On this occasion, when they saw me, I was totally dominated by the Argentine organization. The first part of the victory was achieved as an attacker by 9-3, ending the match 13-7.

The Lotus map can be found here. Leviathan for the third wheel. The first half was under total control of FURIA, which resulted in a partial victory by 8-4, after which the teams dominated the game and won by 13-10, thus ending the series 3-0.

In victory, without losing a map, the Brazilian team wins in the first official championship of blade in his new team, which we have seen as we will say in this new day. The Panthers’ next game is OFF//SEASON, please contact me next time, please. Superdome nothing from Egypt.

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