VALORANT Mobile Has Another Great Feature That PC Gamers Want

VALORANT Mobile continues to be tested in specific markets, and a large amount of content has surfaced in recent weeks. Before this brand new point, VALORANT fans discovered that the mobile variant of the game featured attractive MVP animations that showcased the best player in a match. Now, things have reached more serious proportions, as VALORANT Mobile was discovered to feature practice maps populated with AI-powered bots.

It’s a fantastic feature that has never appeared in the PC version of the game. In this new mobile-only feature, players can load any map they want, set up some bots, and practice to their heart’s content. For now, PC players will have to be content with the very limited practice mode that has been available in the base game since its launch.

Does Valorant Mobile have a full practice mode?

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In gameplay snippets that leaked during VALORANT Mobile testing, we’ve seen shots of bot-based gameplay in Ascent. It’s the only map that’s been featured so far, but it’s only fitting that all of the game’s maps are featured in this new mode. For a feature like this, there’s a good chance it’ll eventually make its way to the PC version of the game, but that’s just a guess.

Here is the clip showing the practice mode in VALORANT Mobile:

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