«Valorant»: «On va tout donner pour faire la Suisse shine»


electronic sports «On go tout donner pour faire la Suisse shines»

Five storytellers will represent their teams at the Red Bull Campus Clutch World Finals on “Valorant” in Istanbul.

Loic Gebhard
Arsène Gothuey, Noah Gabriel Pessoa, Tiago Sousa, Mathias Nieva and Mussa Al Hussein (from g. to dr.).

Arsène Gothuey, Noah Gabriel Pessoa, Tiago Sousa, Mathias Nieva and Mussa Al Hussein (from g. to dr.).

Jan Cadosch/Red Bull

Sacred champions of Switzerland since October in Graubünden, five Romans between 19 and 25 years old are preparing to travel to Istanbul to compete in the world final of the Red Bull Campus Clutch, the largest circuit that we are studying in the world on “Valorant.” Tiago and Mussa, who have already brought the country’s colors to Brazil in 2022, have a one-point advantage for tomorrow’s competition.

Have you decided to change the composition of this year’s team?

M: In fact, if you have done a little “virer” to our former captain, let’s think about what is the best and what you can find from mine. That day I decided to create the Lemon team with Noah, Mathias, Arsène, my mother and Tiago, who has become the new captain.

T: This is the retrospective view of our former teammates in the Swiss final, in Laax, and for us it is also important to win and equal the trophies. Presque as a destination of revenge.

Jan Cadosch/Red Bull

What is your spirit age before your Istanbul tour?

M: I am very excited to meet the other 34 teams present in Turkey and very proud to represent Switzerland for the second time.

T: Pareil, je ressens également beaucoup de fierté, car peu de gens croyaient en nous. And our team has an excellent team spirit, which is paramount. Donc je suis plutôt confiant.

Comment Are you ready for the competition?

M: Personnellement, j’ai rencontré pas mal joueurs pros de “Valorant” aftr Bresil, et j’ai notamment puu jouer avec eux durant l’année. With our team we come every weekend.

T: During the week, avec les cours, c’était souvent compliqué. More than once you can, try to play.

Are those your ambitions in this world final?

T: Obviously I’m going to do everything possible to make Switzerland shine and remember the title. As a realistic object, you’ll want to survive the group stages.

M: Exactly! Shortly after, the premiere stage is eliminated.

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