Valorant pays tribute to pro player Luie on new player card

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<p>Valorant pays tribute to pro player Luie on new player card</p>
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Immortalized forever.

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Valorant has added a new player card called ‘Luie’ that immortalizes the late professional player in the game.
The player card was added to Valorant along with the latest patch 7.10 and will soon be available to all players.
It will be given to everyone as a free reward, requiring players to simply log into the game when it becomes available.

Riot Games has immortalized the late professional Valorant player, Gizem “He is” Harmankaya, in the game through a new player card called ‘Luie’ that will soon be given to everyone as a free reward.

Luie was originally from Turkey and sadly passed away following the earthquakes that devastated her home country in February earlier this year.

She had been part of several teams such as Galaktiucos Sirencs, Vivace Vista, and Unknownpros Female during her time in the Valorant Game Changers scene.

Valorant had offered its condolences and tribute to Luie, and has now immortalized her in the game forever with this thoughtful player card that will forever keep her alive in players’ memories.

New player card immortalizes the late professional player Luie in Valorant

Valorant had offered its condolences to Luie’s friends and family by sharing how deeply saddened they were to lose her, echoing the thoughts of many community members.

They immediately released a player title called ‘Gizem’ named after him and made it available for free as part of the Episode 6 Act 3 battle pass.

All players needed was to reach level five of the battle pass and obtain the reward, making it accessible so that almost everyone could claim it without having to put in too much effort.

Gizem Valorant Player Title

Now, several months later, information has been revealed that Valorant has added a special player card alongside the recent 7.10 patch to immortalize Luie in the game forever.

The discovery was made by a popular Valorant data miner who goes by the name Shiick on Twitter. The person shared what the player card called ‘Luie’ will look like after the official announcement of him.

The design above clearly shows a purple jersey with Gizem’s name on it along with his player number 7. It also shows a bunch of other things like a Killjoy hat, a bunny ear helmet, and posters showing agents like Jett, Sova. , Raze and Killjoy.

This player card will be given to all players as a free reward when they log into the game with the following text accompanying the item, “This is for Luie” and “Celebrate the life of Gizem ‘Luie’ Harmankaya.”

However, the release date of Luie’s player card has not been revealed until now. So players must be patient and wait for this reward to arrive in the game.

Luie’s unfortunate death was confirmed on the February by Unknownpros Female, the team she was a part of at the time. Her friends and those on the ground reported that she was trapped under rubble due to earthquakes that had caused massive destruction in the region.

This is a great decision made by Valorant to truly immortalize the late professional player in the same game she used to compete in and enjoy.

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