Valorant Premier becomes the path to professionalism

Starting in 2024, the Valorant Premier system will become the gateway for players and teams aiming to reach the Challenger Series and beyond.

The Premier will begin qualifying players for the Valorant Champions Tour starting with episode 8 in January 2024. This is a momentous change in the competitive circuit of Riot Games’ tactical shooter with the Premier system that becomes the gateway for teams aiming to qualify for the Challengers and VCT. “This change brings us closer to our ultimate goal: allowing talented players to access the Champions Tour directly from the game.”said the developers at Riot Games.

How Premier works in Valorant

Episode 8 will represent a transitional phase. Premier teams will require a ranking requirement of Immortal 3 or higher, in addition to qualifying for Contender, the highest level of Premier. “We want to recognize that This will be the first of many incremental steps. and that the Premier Season of Episode 8 will be the transition phase that forces us to begin with a classification requirement”we read in the press release. “In EMEA, starting in early 2024, VRC and Premier will promote teams to Challenger but, moving forward, our long-term vision is to promote teams to Challenger exclusively through Premier.”.

For those who don’t know, Premier is the competitive tournament system inserted directly into the game. The platform offers the opportunity to test your skills in a competitive arena. In the future, however, the idea is to expand the avenues to qualify. “Although we had to start somewhere, IIn the future we want to create different ways to level up your team. and without the obligation to play in a ranking”. For now, however, in order to participate in the Challengers it is necessary to first qualify for the Contender division, the highest level of the Premier.

How to reach contender rank

In order to begin approaching the competitive circuit, and therefore the rank of Contender, some requirements must be met.

  • Rank 3 Immortal – To qualify for the Premier Contender level, you must have a current rank of Immortal 3 or higher. This rank should be relatively recent, so dust off your ranked games and keep them up to date.
  • Building the best team – Building a formidable team is the key to success. Look for players with the highest rank possible and make sure their rankings were obtained recently. A strong team will increase your chances of qualifying for the Contender Premier.

There is also a minimum age requirement to participate that Riot Games has established be 16 years old. It is therefore necessary to ensure that all players competing in the team are at least 16 years old, under penalty of disqualification and inability to participate in the possible subsequent promotion tournament in May. However, there is a limit, intended to ensure fair competitiveness: “To promote the best possible experience, current professionals are not allowed to compete in Premier. Professionals are defined as players who are currently part of an active Challenger or International League roster. Game Changers contestants can compete in Premier.

The calendar

Weather plays a crucial role in the journey to the Challengers. To qualify for Contender, you must have a competitive ranking of Immortal 3 or higher at the start of Episode 8 Act 1. January 10, 2024. You will then be able to register your team between January 8 and 17, 2024 and participate in the Challengers Open Qualifier. Teams that do not qualify for the Challenger during the Open Qualifiers will still have the opportunity to compete in the Premier Contender, the highest level of in-game competition in Valorant.

Two phases of the competition will take place between January and the end of April, with the Premier Contender play-offs in the second phase qualifying them for the Challengers promotion and relegation tournament. His journey from Premier to Challengers is a testament to his dedication, skill and passion for Valorant. It’s a journey full of challenges and opportunities, and we are here to support you every step of the way. Remember this is just the beginning – stay tuned for more updates on Premier, Challengers and the 2024 VCT season.”.

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