Valve celebrates 25 years of Half-Life

On November 19, 1998, Valve released two of the biggest games of all time. By putting ourselves in the shoes of scientist Gordon Freeman, Half life It was not limited to being a shooting gallery. Entering an immersive world, a very interesting environment and innovative gameplay, the title changes as we move into FPS and other creators can be inspired to create an extremely influential game.

Half lifeHalf life

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After 25 years, at the end, he set a date to commemorate and began offering the classic for free. Unfortunately, the offer is only valid until 10am today (20th), but as you already know, you can grab a copy. Half lifeYou don’t have to stop or complain.

Let’s go to the other presenters that Valve has prepared for the title that will stand out, the main one being a great theme. The full list, which can be provided here, is extensive, but a summary of the additions and changes is as follows:

  • Half-life uplink: Join the demo available in 1998 in magazines and some hardware. This mini campaign was released after concluding the creation of the game, first knowing that many people were like you.
  • Four multiplayer maps: developed phase designers from Valve, Contamination, Pool Party, Disposal and Rocket Frenzy, let’s make an engine Half life or limit.
  • Melhorias in the visual part: Embed the title continues with the same look and feel from 1998, now it works better with modern monitors. This means, for example, widescreen support, better rendering on Linux and an interface adapted to higher resolutions.
  • Support for controllers and Steam Networking: Ability to play using a gamepad and share with your friends for online games using the Steam system.
  • Compatible with Steam Deck: agora or Half life Our laptop tests are listed as “Verified” by Valve, or you have benefited from the improved control and interface.

We currently have access to some cool extras, such as Valve’s iconic opening video; The multiplayer game is on a rare CD. Half-life: more data; and new aerosols.

Credit: Divulgação/Valve

Here is a material that should make you happy to satisfy your breeding needs, this is the video. Half-Life: 25th Anniversary Documentary. Created in-store with production company Secret Tape, it will interview several people involved in the project and reveal some very specific details.

Here’s the right thing to do about Karen Laur’s importance to devolution. As the team does not have much clarity about what the phases will be like, several people will come to work independently. So at a certain point we would like to bring everything we have created together and let Laur in.

“First of all, I would create a mountain of textures and I would always create a new one, while working on new settings I would say, ‘Oh, new textures, you want to use them!’” he told the artist. “Someone who made another level could start using them and thought no, it’s chaos, let’s specify to reduce it. Start by naming the textural elements for each phase and for what purpose. “I was trying to get some visual cohesion and it really worked.”

Half lifeHalf life

Credit: Divulgação/Valve

According to Karen Laur, a source of inspiration for her work was the city of Washington, where she grew up. “(There are) all these great, really banais writing projects and that’s the kind of direction you follow,” she explains. “Go back to a facility, come and make those sheets of linoleum, or false ceiling, next to concrete blocks, or smooth and thick…”

The first one is worth looking at. Half life I was built with GoldSrc, which used to be a fairly modified version of the Quake Engine. However, if Valve only opted to test id Software’s game models and textures, they would surely wipe out some with a simple mod.

And this part revealed the talent and dedication of Laur, who initially manually painted every texture used in the new game and then moved on to using photographs as reference. So he went through Seattle, photographing every place where metal objects were engraved and thinking about what parts of the game he used that material.

Unfortunately, the documentary is not available with Portuguese captions, but if for some reason they are not, I highly recommend that you book a few more at a time on the day and watch it.

Read more about the latest news for the first time. Half lifeHowever, as we have lost the interest of many people in recent days, it currently will not be as enjoyable or impactful as it was at the time of its release. Two decades ago and that is a long time when it comes to video games, since many of the players who have implemented the game tend to master or even surpass it again.

Therefore, in case you have never played this work of art, I think that today it is best to give it a chance. Black Table. Now that they have been created by a group of modders, they have remade them under the authorization of Valve and now they bring joy to almost everyone, so that they can maintain a lot of atmosphere of that great game.

And if one day you decide to accept this new verse, then ending the bell will do you a favor and leave you for the future. Half-Life 2 and its expansions. I guarantee you will find many different, quality wings.

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