Valve has been giving away and updating its great cult game for 25 years

Valve gives away the cult game on the occasion of its anniversary

But now you’ve heard Half-Life for the first 25 years: Valve has updated its revolutionary sci-fi FPS game, adding vastly improved visuals and gameplay, giving you access to the Steam Deck, and adding lost content. But best of all, even if you didn’t know what was in Gordon Freeman’s skin, he brought the moment of success with the cult classic at our favorite price: free.

Today and until next November 20 (at 7:00 p.m. in Spain) you can download Half-Life completely free from Steam and you will always ask for it. As simple as it seems. Is the best? This gift is just part of the celebration. 25th anniversary of the game.

Meanwhile, Valve has produced a juicy documentary that’s been popular for a while. Half-Life: 25th Anniversary Documentary, bringing together all the creators of the game. And no less: it was my first job, long before Steam existed.

And not only that, if a commemorative website has been enabled that summarizes the history of the game, all the best and most important gifts of the anniversary will be shown and, in addition, special illustrations have been created for the background of the game panel, including moving images.

What’s new Old man?

What are the best things we’re talking about? In addition to the fact that you are fully optimized for the Steam Deck, if you have improved the player interface, if you have a homage to the original menus, if you have cleaned up the look and playability of the game and, in fact, if you have added the current Valve logo to the start of the game. But alas, let’s not talk about things, which also have news and reunions.

In terms of content, Half life It received a generous amount of freebies for its multiplayer experience: it added four brand new Deathmatch maps and three older Deathmatch maps that were previously only available on the CD. Half-life: more dataas well as skins from Ivan the Space Biker, Prototype Barney, Skeleton and Too Much Coffee Man for our characters.

Last but not least, in addition to giving away the original Half-Life, Valve has lowered the price of the series, so it is possible to do so with all games for a measly 6.31 euros at the usual 57.04 euros. So that in the end you enjoy more.

Is it bad news? We’ve been looking for news about Half-Life 3. But let’s talk about it for you and me. Gabe Newell isn’t going to break one of the oldest memes in video game history. Anyway, who knows? 50th anniversary quizzes are the best.

Look what it says on the Steam page, November 19, 1998 arrive Half life And from there, let’s not resort to science fiction shooters in the same way. A hit for a game that is still a cult good and that today Valve puts in your hands completely free of charge. Yes, for a very limited time. At VidaExtra we advise you.

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