Vampire Survivors and its success spawn lots of games that imitate its gameplay

It’s not especially pretty, it’s very easy to understand, it doesn’t boast technically and it certainly doesn’t aspire to win any GOTY, but Vampire Survivors has been the obsession of thousands of players during this 2022.

The game has been very successful with its release first on PC, then on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and finally of free on mobile devices. The roguelike formula of Vampire Survivors it works, which has made many take notice of it.

We are not referring only to gamers, but also to smaller game developers who have wanted to create titles very similar to Vampire Survivors in an attempt to reap the same success as this game.

Number of titles that are deeply reminiscent of the original proposal can be found right now. We cite some: Soulstone Survivors, Bounty of One, Holocure: Save the Fans, Army of Ruin or Spellbook Demonslayers.


Soulstone Survivors – Early Access Trailer

Vampire Survivors is just one more

The truth is that some of these titles look good, so if you have already squeezed the most out of Vampire Survivors, you should know that in the roguelike automatic action genre there are a few more projects.

This trend that we see here is not the first time that it occurs. A year ago we echoed Myth Gods of Asgard, the mythological isometric roguelike that used many of the elements of Hades, another game that swept.

At the end, the video game industry is based on trends and we have been able to see that over the years with the fever for battle royale games after PUBG, autochess, MOBAs or MMOs and many other examples.

And then we have the ultimate boss of all these kinds of practices: Palworld, the “Pokémon with weapons” that borrows popular mechanics from a myriad of hit games. Absolutely everything is inside this surreal game.

In case you haven’t tried Vampire Survivors, if the title of poncle catches your eye, you should know that it is available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox OneWindows and Steam. Also, Vampire Survivors is 100% verified for Steam Deck.

do you play Vampire Survivors? In that case, we recommend you take a look at these guides in Hobby Consoles: All the tricks and how to access them, How to unlock the random character, Get the Candybox, or How to get Avatar Infernas in the game.

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