vandalism –

She didn’t want to contribute in the slightest to Mattel’s big business algorithm with her film, so I won’t mention this vandalism in English in this comment.

Barbarita is as treacherous today as when she was born, and now they revive her like nightmare monsters, this time inoculating her with sweet poison, fatal to the gullible, or perhaps the gullible For the people too.

The premise of this fashionable phenomenon is to neutralize future generations, diverting their legitimate desires toward what they are most interested in preserving: sales, and individualism.

One can get caught up in a barbaric conspiracy thanks to the supposedly feminist packaging, when in fact the product – which it is – justifies our claims to strip them of their power. Which is to say: Faith comes with a trap.

throughout the movie you feel the officers Marketing Mattel blew up the director and screenwriter: a dose of it, but not that much, retaliated with this second, and a pinch of it and don’t miss it, but not excessive, I chased the car, oh, our label cultural! , oh and a gay character, but not outstanding, rather cartoonish, and some overweight barbarites, but in the background, better in the third, that they are hardly seen, plus African-descendants… And let’s ruin The Barbarita character is rare, created by the girls with their scissors and paint: let’s not give her a clever or witty message, despite hiring an excellent comedic actress. Although we are going to sell it. And the real girl, who starts off critical and dark, we end up absorbing into the rosy milieu of her folly and… betrayal. Oh, and let’s leave aside the worrisome subject matter of underdevelopment, death and depression, which morphed into “healthy” concern about flat feet and cellulite. And the young audience and its worrying trends? My, my… they’ll be consoling themselves with pink Birkenstock sandals…

Feminist discourse shoved into the mouth of the Latina actress – whose role, by the way, is bland – is a frankness that turns into a cliché that’s hurriedly told and long, difficult and still mired in plot, history and complications. She goes. Current challenges for women.

Some other buttons of “barbarism”: to become a Nobel laureate, or in physics, or president, dear surrounding naivete: you have to be a barbarian! did they calibrate? It is not that one cannot become a barbarian, the point is that the subliminal message is that one has to be a barbarian first, or in parallel, at all costs. So girls, the movie suggests: Worry and try to look like you do while you waste time, energy and mind wandering around the purpose of all that matters, which is to be human. That is to say: remain objects in life, pleasing the patriarchal gaze, over and over again and forever. Let’s say, this award could be the Nobel Prize. Such a film demonstrates its thesis when, at the end, the line of savages uses its attractiveness as a tactic against the foolish Kane.

And since we mentioned them: keeping Kane on the sidelines engenders sympathy and even justification for his rebellion. And even more so when compared to the idiocy of Mattel’s doll-made executives.

Vandalizing actual reality is funny, but reprehensible… warpedly cynical.

I would say that – for the time being, and they insist on eluding us – the true and necessary revolution in art and life is to propose once and for all collaboration between genres, not to perpetuate harmful conservatism and The suppressor of the “war of the sexes”.

If the disturbing scene of the girls destroying their baby dolls at the beginning of the film seems to come from exhaustion and the injustice of growing up alone, well, we better raise that possibility, at least. for new generations, to live life collectively, in equal cooperation, in harmony, and each person at the end of such a film perpetuates an individualistic destiny, not on his or her own side, is supposed to be the “hero, or heroine The path of (dressed or undressed) Seduce, of course) )”, a cliché that also became a recipe for making movies and literature.

Don’t you fool me, Barbarita, even though I played with you and laughed with your movie many times. Life is more complicated and, without the need to wrap it in fanciful roses, much more beautiful in its challenges and nuances, wow…

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