Vanessa Hudgens’ new bangs are very Gabriella Montez

      Vanessa Hudgens rose to world fame from Hollywood in 2006. And it’s all thanks to her role as the iconic Gabriella Montez in the (equally iconic) franchise of ‘High School Musical’. Is anyone else having flashbacks to the glittery eye shadows and lip glosses we were wearing back then? We’re all in this together, right?

      Now, Vanessa has momentarily transported us back to that time with her latest Instagram post. ‘How can that be?’, you ask yourself. Well friends of hers, in the photo of her (where she’s also wearing a neon pink bikini, no less), Vanessa is sporting a hairstyle we haven’t seen on her in years. and that’s the classic ‘Y2K’ side bangs.

      Scroll to the second image to see what we’re referring to:

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      It may not be Thursday yet, but this is full-blown ‘TBT’. I mean, doesn’t it take you right back to 2006? I’m thinking of the first HSM movie, specifically Gabriella during the scene where she sings ‘Breaking Free’ with Troy:

      Vanessa Hudgens' new bangs remind us of Gabriella Montez's in 2006


      Plus, it’s not just her who’s bringing this hair style back. Miley Cyrus and Billie Eilish have also jumped on the side bang bandwagon, so it looks like this new hairstyle will be trending… again.

      This, together with the speculations that have arisen about the supposed meeting of Troy and Gabriella, makes us think that a new version of the films in 2022 may be a reality. Please just say that it is so, Vanessa.

      I don’t know if it’s just me, but now I feel the urgent need to reinstall ‘messenger’ and rescue the pink screen background that I used to have on MySpace. Who’s with me?

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