Vanessa Hudgens reveals she can talk to ghosts

Well-known actress Vanessa Hudgens has spent time in cemeteries at night because she can talk to ghosts.

Vanessa Hudgens is an actress and singer famous for teen movies High School Musical and who has also participated in sucker-punch (2011), spring breakers (2012), hunt the killer (2013), Machete Kills (2013), Bad Boys for Life (2020) and tick, tick… Boom! (2021).

In a recent interview, they asked Vanessa Hudgens her new passions in life and she replied that: “It’s not really a new passion in life, because it has to do with death. I’m trying to figure out my gifts. I feel like I’ve accepted the fact that I see things and hear things. Since I have had many experiences throughout my life, even when I was a child.

Later Vanessa Hudgens shared an anecdote: “When I was eight years old I had a toy that moved on its own. That seemed interesting to me, but I wanted to close that stage for a while because I was afraid. Because the unknown scared me.”

“Recently I said, no, this is like a gift and something that I have the ability to do, so I will support myself. So, I undertook my first real paranormal investigation, equipment and all. My favorite thing is called a spirit box. And it basically scans radio frequencies very fast. That is why it is better to use it away from densely populated areas. Something about the electricity it creates allows spirits to speak through it.”

“So I was sitting on a tombstone in a graveyard with my best friend. At night, completely dark. And we found this tombstone of a spirit that we were told is very playful. So I turn it on and say, Hi Sam, this is Vanessa Hudgens. This is Gigi. When we asked the spirit if she could tell us her names, the spirit box responded with: “Vanessa.”

The interviewer asked her if they ran away after that and she answered: “Do not. No. I was like… Great! Do you have anything else you want to tell me? And I just heard: Shhh, no. And I was like: Okay, great. Good thank you. Since you have to tell the ghosts to stay when you’re done, because you don’t want the spirits to follow you. We’re trying to live, you know, without it. We don’t need it all the time.” concluded Vanessa Hudgens.

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