Vanessa Hudgens says planning her wedding is crazy

Vanessa Hudgens gave us one Updates YesWork Her marriage to Kol TakkeApparently, like many other brides before her, Rae also thinks that organizing crazy. In a new interview for the magazine People, Vanessa he said he is to have fun While organizing your wedding and that too every day learning new things Which are necessary to organize big events together.

vanessa and cole They met zoomone in group meditation And it was the actress who decided to give first step, In November 2020They were seen together for the first time in angel. cole tucker this is a baseball player who currently plays for Colorado Rockies. After living together for 3 years, They got engaged in February 2023.

Vanessa was in a relationship before living with him 8 years with actor Austin Butler,

vanessa hudgens wedding
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Vanessa Hudgens said the wedding industry is crazy

to vanessa hudgens, organize your wedding it’s been an experience completely new, “Is Incredible, is one Sid, the wedding industry,” the actress told the magazine during a photo shoot. refering to event planningsaid this many times “It blows his mind” think about All the decisions a bride must make.

fortunately, Vanessa not alone. His best friend also going marry And they have been doing it let’s plan together, “My best friend is getting married too,” she explained. hudgens, “And she’s going through this and I just thought, ‘Oh my god, the dresses are so expensive.’ “this is madness.”

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