Vanessa Paradis, Alyssa Milano, The Rock… These stars are turning 50 this year!

This year, many celebrities will turn 50. An important step since this age symbolizes life, happiness and rejuvenation. On April 17, Jennifer Garner was THE Hollywood star to enter her fifties. Become famous thanks to his role in the hit series “Alias”, the ex of Ben Affleck does not seem to have aged. Moreover, the actor will also blow out his 50th birthday on August 15th. But this time, it is in the arms of J Lo that he will celebrate.

On May 2, 2022, Dwayne Johnson, alias The Rock, is expected to join the fifty-year-old club. And the least we can say is that the American-Canadian actor, producer and wrestler is still in great shape. In addition, Cameron Diaz will also celebrate his half-century in 2022. On August 30, the pretty blonde will be 50 years old and if she regrets her Botox injections, she is nonetheless magnificent.

Jude Law turns 50

Like his co-stars, Jude Law will celebrate his birthday on December 29. As for Alyssa Milano, the “Charmed” star will say goodbye to quarantine on the 19th of the same month. Sofía Vergara, for her part, will also take the step. The Colombian will be 50 years old on July 10, 2022. Five days later, Scott Foley will celebrate his 50th birthday. Finally, Gwyneth Paltrow will also enter her fifties on September 27 of this year. The next day, Dita Von Teese will join her. “Mentalist” star Robin Tunney, meanwhile, turns 50 on June 19, the exact same day as Jean Dujardin.

Finally, Vanessa Paradis will celebrate her birthday on December 22. Let’s hope that the interpreter of the title “Joe le taxi” can organize a party worthy of the name to celebrate his entry into his fifties. For her part, Géraldine Maillet took this step at the start of the year. Just like Guillaume Gallienne, Philippe Candeloro, Léa Drucker, Agathe de La Boulaye or even Ramzy Bedia!


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