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vapor epidemicDavid Castro

In recent years, the consumption of what is known as electronic cigarettes or Vapors As an alternative to traditional tobacco. in zaragoza Since 2018, there has been a proliferation of establishments specializing in vapingWhere you can find countless products and even collector’s pieces.

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines electronic cigarettes as a system that heats a liquid, which may or may not contain nicotine, but not tobacco. These liquids can taste different and contain chemicals that are toxic to your health. The Smoking Prevention and Control Unit of the Directorate General of Public Health believes that the term “vaper” is used as A misleading strategy that avoids referring to these devices as electronic cigarettes to try to link the product to the safety of water vapor.

However, Dr. Isabel Nerín, from the direction of the Smoking Unit of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zaragoza, assures that although the risk is low, since there is no combustion, It also refers to short-term health conditions.

In Aragon, the latest 2021 data from the Directorate General of Public Health shows that almost half of young people between 14 and 18 years of age in the community and in Spain have smoked electronic cigarettes.

Its consumption is directly related to Presence of diseases like pneumonia, bronchitis and even a new condition associated with it vaping and electronic cigarettes known as evali. This is a disorder that causes lesions in the lungs and can lead to decreased respiratory ability, as well as fever and a lack of oxygen in the blood. This is directly related to the use of products containing Vitamin E oil present in vapes.

These new forms of smoking, promoted as healthy alternatives to traditional cigarette use, are not viewed favorably by organizations such as WHO. Dr. Isabelle Nerin assures that there are effective treatments to quit smoking, and that The slogan of quitting smoking is not a true slogan. “There are many people who become dual smokers when using it, alternating between traditional cigarettes and vaping.”Assured Nerine.

Stores specializing in the sale of electronic cigarettes are growing rapidly.

The rapid growth of vaping, whether as a fashion or Hobby, is also spreading among minors. The gateway to the consumption of nicotine products which creates great addiction among this sector of the population. ,It is quite condemnable that these are being marketed with flavors as it makes them more attractive to the youth.», laments Isabelle Nerin.

On behalf of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Promoters of Vaping (UPEV) they assure that the regulation prohibits the sale and distribution of these products to minors, and that the ban applies to anyone who offers them. For this reason, they believe that their marketing should be regulated because it may be easier for minors to purchase these products in establishments that do not specialize in the sale of vapers.

From the unit they estimate it It has 450,000 users in Spain VaporsOf this figure, 3.2% are minors, According to a study conducted by consulting firm Sigmados. “Vaping is nothing more than a tool or alternative for smokers, non-smokers should not start smoking or vaping,” says Arturo Ribes, president of UPEV.

In any case, vaping fever has been growing rapidly since its popularization in 2015. In Aragon, the most recent data for 2021 from the Directorate General of Public Health show that Almost half of youth between 14 and 18 years of age in the community and in Spain have used electronic cigarettes.

By gender, these types of tobacco alternatives are most commonly used by men at 42.2%, compared to 41.7% by women. However the trend is that consumption becomes equal in both cases.

An increase that occurs faster than its regulation. «There has been no interest in regularizing this situation from the current Minister of Health in Spain. This shows great irresponsibility as consumption will continue to increase without the administration doing anything,” says Dr Nerin.

Factors influencing when consuming this type of substance also include the desire to quit tobacco smoking.

Royal Decree 579/2017 of 9 June only addresses certain aspects related to the manufacture, presentation and marketing of tobacco and related products, as well as places where their consumption is prohibited. ,We demand that any regulation be based on science with rigorous studies. The current regulation tells us that we can only market products containing nicotine in quantities not exceeding 10 milliliters, and the nicotine content cannot exceed 20 milligrams per milliliter,” explains Arturo Ribes, president of UPEV.

AndFactors influencing when consuming this type of substance also include the desire to quit tobacco smoking. Many electronic cigarette users are turning to vaping as a less harmful alternative to smoking. “Thanks to him I stopped smoking five years ago.” The difference I noticed is that earlier I couldn’t leave the house without tobacco and now if I quit vaping nothing happens. Plus it’s very cheap, I used to smoke a pack a day and now with five euros I can last the whole weekA,” says a former smoker.

In any case, it is undeniable that bounce Vapors are here to stay and it is common to see people using this type of device. for now Its use is prohibited in public administration centers and offices, health establishments, educational centers and means of transport., as well as playgrounds and sports fields. In places of private use such as bars or other establishments, it depends on the wishes of the establishment.

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