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The week running from September 11 to 18 brought a variety of genres to Latin American radio. Check out the full list, because you will definitely be surprised.

hot song Mexico

“Drunk Wanted” – Gerardo Coronel “El Jerry”

The King of Despair released a record album last month titled CHSM The Liver. This gives us an idea of ​​what kind of topics it touches on, and if it wasn’t obvious, the first single makes it clear. Band music to meet friends and cry the pain of love.

hot song Use

“Passion” – Untouchable

Ten days were enough for Intocable to have their latest single trending on US radio. Mixing their classic sound with some rock, which they pair with an innovative video that is very different from what they have done before.

hot song Dominican Republic

“Mi Corrido (Remix)” – Hadrian feat. Farruko and the tenth band

El Niño de Oro joins La Décima Banda to create a remix in Mexican rap/regional tones. And since the songs are about personal improvement, they added Farruko to the formula, resulting in one of those songs that is just mesmerizing.

hot song Colombia

“Medusa” – Gloria Trevi

Gloria Trevi was already on this list, but now she has appeared again in Colombia, where she has managed to attract the attention of radio listeners. Their pop mingles with urbanites to stay current, with visible results.

hot song guatemala

“God Bless Our Love” – ​​Banda El Recodo

The song that Marisela made famous has been transformed into a kind of big band thanks to the magic of El Recodo, which gives it a very different and wonderful sound. Big success by Lizarraga.

hot song Ecuador

“Colombia” – Quevedo

If anyone thought Quevedo was going to become a one hit wonder, This song proves the opposite. Although it is not heard as much in Latin America, it has done very well around the world…and even in Ecuador.

hot song Venezuela

“100 More Years” – El Potro Alvarez feat. george celadon

This time El Potro has left behind his infectious rhythm, but not his danceable rhythm. Together with Jorge Celadon he ventured into vallenato, with a song in which he talks about sharing life with a loved one.

hot song chili

“Keep Moving” – Timbaland Timberlake ft. Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake

16 years ago, these artists released a hugely successful collaboration, “Give It to Me”. Now, producer Timbaland has reunited them to release a hymn to the joy found after tough times.

hot song argentina

“Excuse You Keep Going By :(” – Abraham Mateo, Sebastian Yatra

“We did everything wrong / And I paid the price” the pair sing in a song that talks about how ex-lovers often can’t get over each other. Very young pop who has earned one million views on YouTube in just 11 days.

hot song uruguay

“The Love of My Life” – Los Angeles Azules, Maria Becerra

The Iztapalapa group does not stop working and creating hits with very diverse figures in songs. Now she joins Maria Becerra and takes her into the realms of cumbia, something the Argentine does very naturally.

hot song paraguay

“Paint the Town Red” – Doja Cat

One of the most relevant rappers today gives us a preview of his next album, which will be named Red And next Friday the light will be seen. Lots of R&B plus the Los Angeles rapper’s raspy and sensual voice.

hot song peru

“Holland” – Zhayko

Xayco says that returning to Puerto Rico after spending time on tour gave him new inspiration. Reggaeton which is ranked #57 in the world’s most popular videos this week. Peruvian radio is also charmed by this preview of their next album.

hot song bolivia

“Silly” – Dayanara

Dayanara remains a constant on Bolivian radio with this single in which she has entered regional Mexico. A song in which he explains how in order not to lose love one can do things that undermine self-esteem.

hot song Puerto Rico

“A Cigarette” – Chencho Corleone

The first solo single released by Chencho Corleone four months ago is being heard loudly in Puerto Rico. This is the first preview of his next solo album, which is also the first album of his career.

hot song Christian

“Join Me” – Gocho, Wizin, Redmi2

Gocho returns to our list with this song dedicated to the producer. They are also accompanied by Redmi2 and the surprising presence of Wisin, a man not associated with praise music, but who shines here as always.

hot song Central America

“Ugly” – Morat

Pop rock can still top radio charts in Central America, especially if performed by Morat. The young Colombian worked on this single with Andrés Torres and Mauricio Rengifo, which is another guarantee of success.

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