Vayo Coin, the Cryptocurrency Scheme Promoted by Celebrities, Owes Over $30M in Bad Checks

Video: L-Ghent makes its announcements for Vayo Group.

At the beginning of last year, Vayo Business began to appear insistently on social networks, mainly Instagram. It offered basically the same as the Generation Zoe conglomerate, today collapsed, with its leader, Leonardo Cositorto, arrested for fraud and association illicit: a business based on its own cryptocurrency, Oops Coin, which promised “financial solutions” for exponential profits. The key is recruitment, always adding more and more investors who contribute to the pyramid. Zoe did it with a messianic discourse and the energy of an ontological coach, with Cositorto himself as the main figure who was in charge of preaching and defending her product. She even had an evangelical church with a pastor who held religious services every Sunday in Haedo. But Vayo did it with something much simpler: famous.

Thus, celebrities like Yao Cabrera, Julieta Nair Calvo, Horacio Cabak, José María Listorti, Candelaria Ruggeri, Jimena Barón, and Cinthia Fernández, among many others, looked at the camera of their phone and made announcements for the group in Instagram stories and on YouTube. L-Ghent made three different videos. Zaira Nara even said that she operates in the system “with her personal savings”. Pampita Ardohain announced the draw for an iPhone 11 by the company and invited to follow the Vayo networks as the only requirement to participate. Natalia Oreiro also put her face to announce another “mega raffle!”, a zero kilometer car. Again, you just had to follow Vayo in his networks. Lionel Ferro, actor and youtuber with a capital of 7.7 million followers on Instagram, posed with his entire family on March 1 last to announce the draw for another car, a Peugeot 208 Active “only for customers of the Vayo Group” .

The operation also included a site selling appliances and electronics. They even announced Universal Exchange, your own cryptocurrency exchange, a Binance-style site, with a lavish event held at the Hilton hotel. Micaela Viciconte and Fabián Cubero were filmed there by Lorna Irina Gemetto, Susana Giménez’s number 1 fan, in a casual interview shared on Youtube. “We are very happy with this project”Vicicon said.

But the truth is that Vayo bleeds and doesn’t tell.

Pampita, Cande Ruggeri, Yao Cabrera and Jimena Barón, among the celebrities who announced Vayo.
Pampita, Cande Ruggeri, Yao Cabrera and Jimena Barón, among the celebrities who announced Vayo.

Business records consulted by Infobae revealed that Vayo Business SA, the group’s main firm, issued 18 checks in March of this year for a value of $13.9 million pesos that were all rejected due to insufficient funds. Also, it owes contributions from its employees for the last two months according to forecast data. The symptoms are common. The same thing happened six years ago with the Hope Funds groupled by Enrique Blaksley, today imprisoned in the Ezeiza prison and prosecuted for what could be the largest pyramid scheme in Argentine history.

Vayo Coin, the group’s own cryptocurrency, seems like a mirage. It is not listed as an option on major digital asset buying and selling sites. Their stock price and traffic volume are also not listed on sites like Coin Market Cap, something that does happen with Cositorto’s cryptocurrency, Zoe Cash. According to her own website, it can hardly be bought in a wallet called Trusta virtually captive currency that can be bought but not sold.

The trail of papers behind Vayo Business Sociedad Anónima is also curious. On December 30, 2020, the Official Gazette published a supplement to the edict on the company with information from the IGJthe General Inspectorate of Justice, which established as the object of the company “to take or give all kinds of loans in money in national or foreign currency or in public or private debt securitiesto individuals or companies constituted or to be constituted, with or without real or personal guarantees and in general carry out all kinds of financial operations with own resourcesexcluding the operations included in the law of financial entities, public savings activities and any other that requires public competition.

Natalia Oreiro for Vayo Business

It all sounds very important, but in reality, Vaius’ origin story is more modest. It was created, curiously, a month and three days before that publication. Its main partner, with 95% of the share package, is Ana María Lavitola, a 68-year-old woman from Comodoro Rivadavia. To register it, he did not use the address of an important tower in Puerto Madero, but his home, a low house in the simple José Fuchs neighborhood of Commodore. In the corner there is a box with a wooden roof. Vayo Business also has a Buenos Aires fiscal domicile in a worn-out Eleven building.

Lavitola formed two more companies, Futbol Coin and Polo Coin, linked to the crypto business. In them, the main partner is Walter Ramon Cárcamo, 35, a former bank employee with fiscal domicile in a rotisserie in Rada Tilly. Cárcamo posed at the launch of Universal Exchange as CEO of the project according to the group’s self-promotion. The Official Gazette shows him as the majority shareholder of the firm with 80%. Ironically, Universal Exchange does not even have a CUIT to be able to operatemuch less an app to download on Google Play.

By Soccer Coin and Polo Coin, Walter Cárcamo also has 9 bounced checks due to lack of funds in your name according to data from the BCRA. He owes another $16.2 million. Cárcamo is also an employee of Vayo Business, so they owe contributions to him as well.

Is there a criminal case against Vayo? At least not in Chubut, according to judicial sources. There is also no claim against him in the systems of the Buenos Aires civil and commercial jurisdictions, where lawsuits could be initiated for executive collection, among other figures and where Cositorto has a pending bankruptcy petition. Lavitola has almost no criminal record in Chubut, in 2020 she was reported for fraud, a dismissed presentation.

Leandro Usín, his son, who does not appear in any of the companies in the plot, has a much worse record.

It’s a famous swindler in Patagonia, part of the folklore of the South of contemporary trout and criminals. In May 2021 he was sentenced to one year and eight months in prison for seven cases of fraud and forgery of public documents in a brief trial where he accepted his guilt and the sentence imposed. As well He agreed to compensate his victims for a total amount of 600 thousand pesos. He did not take away from any of them, for example, more than 150 thousand pesos. His scams were poor, lackluster, typical of a village storyteller. He lied with fake checks with invented signatures to buy various products like a watch, a kayak, whatever.

During the second half of 2021, Vayo actually had an office in a tower in Puerto Madero, on Juana Manso street, where meetings and planning took place. Ana María Lavitola, assures a source that she knew the movements of the place, she was never there.

The one who frequented her daily and who even gave orders, according to this same source, was her son, Leandro Gustavo Usín, convicted of being a small-time storyteller.

So how does this all turn into a crypto empire that pays celebrities to put their faces on Instagram? How much were they paid? One of those celebrities explains them.

Leandro Usín, son of Lavitola.
Leandro Usín, son of Lavitola.

“I charged 300 thousand pesos for a story”, admits a celebrity, with exposure on television, a figure with years of experience. “I must be one of those who received the least, forget it. I was contacted by a supposed Vayo marketing mine through an intermediary. It is very installed that it arrives by third parties, there are like public relations of Instagram stories that these changas get you, the twine was great for me ”.

Today, he regrets: “I saw that it was cloudy to the touch and I left, to hell. I said no to a second story and they never called again. It is once, but you are marked forever.

Was much larger numbers According to the source who knows closely what was happening in the offices of Vayo: a famous person with permanence in programs and a funny profile on networks supposedly took five thousand dollars. Another famous of higher caliber received 9 thousand dollars per month.


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