Velasco, disrespectful of SS. Puebla Municipalities

If someone respects the Governor a little sergio solomonhe is manuel velasco,

and the senator from Chiapas, “Mega-Mega-Mega-Bro”. Moreno ValleyBelieves that they will continue to rule in Puebla.

It is politically offensive and has undermined the full and legitimate authority of sergio salomon cespedes peregrina,

Let’s see:

1.- “Magali, child of the Chiapas jungle”, Shamefully a slave to 4T amlo-co,

2.- It has been encouraging tony galley lopez: That for the Governor; For Mayor of Puebla; Than for deputy; That for here, that for there.

3.- The only thing that “Mogli“has managed to cope “The Gully” with H.H.

4.- In the scenario of HHbut there is no one else PP Chedraoui For mayor.

5.- But “Magali, Child of the Chiapas Jungle”encourages tg jr Without measuring local consequences, much less national consequences.

6.- Street They are discreet, professional and not confrontational HH,

And to show a button:

He had given information about a month ago HH He Tony Galli Jr. He registered as the coordinator, i.e. governor, of the Defense Committees of the Fourth Transformation.

on learning HH He became angry, but in his conciliatory manner he turned back and said:

“That was not the deal… Let’s see Beti (Manrique) talk to our friends from Verde.”

in a few hours Tony “He got off.”

It was a show of respect for him HH,

Street They respect.

Magali Not located.


Tony will not challenge HH…in 2024.


I have said and I have written.


not even obama

Surveys don’t lie, respondents lie. He doesn’t question it, nor obama,


gonna do

Nineteen years traveling through Atlixcaíolt. Every day, morning, afternoon and night; Saturday, Sunday and Holidays. The new mobility project is a complete failure. The executioner says: they sell me mirrors Cow dung.


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